Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ever since I've implemented more heavy weight training into my daily routine, I've had a fair share of dealing with soreness. The past 2-3 weeks (since my squat rack dates started) the stiff and sore feelings have been worse than EVER! Its a good thing because it means I'm working my muscles to exhaustion, and with proper re-fuel, they are only going to get more powerful and more firm. But as a runner, its been affecting my POWER and ability to really move on the treadmill! I used to do cardio 5 days a week, sometimes 6, with one rest day. Now, my workout intensity has increased so much that i find after two tough days in a row, my body wants to REST instead of burn out at the gym for a third day in a row. 

Now, if you know me, you know I'm not the type to just kick back and let the gym slide..I GO, I put on my heart rate monitor, and find muscles that still feel strong, and WORK. Lately, I've been giving myself the "ok" for 2 rest days (never in a row,) if my workouts were REALLY tough. 
My running has more or less decreased to 3-4x a week, but I REALLY need to keep it at 5 to achieve that insane leanness I WANT.  My legs and glutes WILL start adapting to these tough days with the squat rack, but for now, the muscle soreness that follows the post-leg day training is too severe to run on.

I've also been doing everything RIGHT to prevent excess soreness, like:
-drinking TONS of water throughout the day and after my workouts. (4-5Liters/day)
-having fast-digesting carbs and protein immediately after working out to enhance muscle repair and glycogen replenishment. Since I've cut grains out for the most part, this is where a banana, wheat bran, and protein powder bowl comes in. (Wheat bran ≠ oat bran or oats.)
-foam rolling 4-5x a week to roll out the muscle fibers and break up tension
-restorative stretching after an intense muscle workout

Call me crazy, but I think I'm starting to see improvements in my glutes and hams ALREADY! Give it another 3 weeks and maybe they'll be picture ready! 
On another note, I think I'm going to turn into a vegetable. My carbs today include:
1 bag spinach
1/2bag shredded cabbage
120 cals worth snap peas
80 cals worth green beans
a yellow bell pepper

DINNER includes:
1 bag spinach
1/2 bag cabbage
baby beets

YUP .. hows that for carbs!? You wouldn't believe how little calories and carbs are in ALL OF THAT FOOD!! 1 pound of shredded cabbage is less than 100 calories. 1 pound of french fries (made in clean oil) is over 1400. MAKE YOUR CHOICE. The cabbage will probably fill you up for longer too. 

And that's not ALL of my carbs, god no, I would get skinny eating just that. after my workout, I had an overflowing 1/2cup wheatbran, 1 banana, scoop chocolate protein
this morning, I also had some frozen berries with my protein cake breakfast

Abs are changed by your DIET . 

I'm getting ready to buckle down and finally get rid of this 8 pounds or so of fat my body seems to like holding onto. But I refuse to sacrifice the muscle mass I've been working so hard to build, so I will continue to love my journey, and take my time. I'm one of those people that will NOT settle...I have an image in my mind of how I see my physique...and there's nooo stopping me until I get there.

Hopefully by summer time I'll get what I want, and I won't have any nasty fat to grab at.
But for now , I am PLEASED with the way I look...just not satisfied. 
Sometimes, I need to remind myself that I look better, and am more in shape, stronger, and faster than 95% of people I encounter on a daily basis. When you're a perfectionist like me, its really hard sometimes to look in the mirror and just think "fat." I'm not fat. But sometimes I think for a second, that I look fat. I might be a little obsessive , but
 "OBSESSED is a word the LAZY use to describe the DETERMINED."-anon

Cheers to me not being fat, and writing a really vulnerable wednesday blog after all!!! 
Next time you feel down, or held back from your goals, whatever they may be, just remind yourself about all the GREAT things you possess. Sure, your abs might need some work, but hey, didn't you just squat a new personal record yesterday?! Didn't you just out-run the treadmill during your last cardio session? 

With that said, 
Happy Wednesday
Kick some ass ! 


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Tuesday on the SQUAT Rack

So I've been in this pattern lately (the past 3 weeks) of TORCHING my legs/butt/back on Tuesday's. It's my designated "leg day" if you will. Its my one day in the gym where i REALLY focus on the booty and legs, and work EVERY muscle down there until fatigue. It's tough, but I WANT to be proud of my BUTT. These leg workouts I put myself through are so difficult, that towards the end I want to throw up instead of doing the last set of lunges or drop-setting squats.
It's sick, but i LOVE IT. After I finish a physically taxing workout, I feel 100x better than when I walked in the gym, even if I can barely walk. Like today, I had a REALLY AWFUL TEST at 8am (college sucks).. then I had a 3 hour fiction class...which tends to drag on. Once it was 2pm, my energy was just not pleasant. But I was on a mission, I knew this workout was important, and that it had to be done.
Needless to say, I worked out from 3:15-4:45, and feel absolutely BETTER about myself, my strength, and my progress than I did earlier today. I really work every single muscle to exhaustion during these workouts, so I'll give a rough outline of my workout:

Treadmill warmup:
2% incline. run between 6-7mph for 11 minutes, walk until hit 12 minutes.

Leg press: 90lbs
3 sets 20 reps
in between sets, 1min of plank variations
calf raises using leg press 20 reps 3 sets 

Squat rack: Here's where I spent about 40 minutes

stiff-legged using 45/65/95
bent-legged using 45/65/95
(lots of sets, reps until vomit threshold)

in between sets I supersetted with stuff like this:
alternating lunges holding 10lb plates
side lunges w/ reverse fly 5 lb plates
lateral raises 5 lb plates

Hip-width parallel stance 45/65/95
wide stance, toes turned slightly out DEEP 45/65/95
(lots of sets, reps until I felt I was going to sacrifice depth)

In between I supersetted with stuff like this:
12 pushups
alternating lunges with pulses
side lunges
overhead press, bringing bar behind head (only used 45lbs no heavier)
forearm plank row w/10lb plate

Static 45/65
Alternating 45/65

in between sets i supersetted with:
isometric bicep curl hold w/45/65lbs
overhead press, bar to chest 45lbs
lateral raises 5lb plates stand on one leg

Believe it or not, I ended with MORE DEADLIFTS

Deadlift-put bar down, squat deep, drive bar up quick 65/45
roughly 12 reps per weight
12 pushups x2

Swiss Ball:
Glute raise 10reps x2
Butt plank (straight leg glute raise) 10x2, hold 20 secs after each set

HOLY CRAP!! So hard.

Time: 1:15minutes
Calories: 516



I'm gonna be SORE tomorrow.
Change doesn't come with comfort.


Monday, February 27, 2012

RECIPE: Raspberry swirl bowl

I literally just created this and HAD TO SHARE.
Ever since buying WHEAT BRAN, I've been thinking of new ways to use it. It's not a big absorbent grain, and cooks with very little water. Just enough liquid to make it soft, instead of like dry bran.
I also couldn't resist this SO DELICIOUS coconut milk based yogurt in the grocery store, I had to buy one to try it out.
Here's what I used:
1/2 of the SO Delicious raspberry yogurt
1/4 cup wheatbran (microwaved for 2mins with little water)
mixed it together to have aside my egg whites +spinach!

Calories:115 (counting the wheat bran. Some would say not even to count the 50 wheat bran calories because your body just gets rid of it. On Pauline Nordin's "Fighter Diet," Wheat bran is a "free food," meaning dieters can eat as much as they want without adding to their daily caloric intake.

Here's my suggestion for making a real meal out of the raspberry swirl:
-Full serving of So Delicious
-1/3 cup wheat bran
-protein powder
(Add a few fresh raspberries!)

**The yogurt also comes in blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, and plain flavors! 


Have a great week, eat clean and work hard!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

6 mile Sunday!

Even though I had a CRAZY workout, including a fast 4 mile run yesterday, Today was my plan to do a long run! Long for me is 6 miles, not much different than a casual 4 or 5 mile, but it does require a little extra. When I do a Sunday run, I DO NOT rush myself, I run to enjoy the feeling.  My legs were not feeling their best today, so I allowed my run to be even slower than usual.
There were some points, mainly during the first 3 miles, where I really really wanted to stop running, but NOPE! I did it! 6 miles in 54:50 .. yup, told you I ran way slower! About a 9:10 pace, I had to walk for 2 minutes around mile 4 because my hip felt funny, but I loosened it up and kept running. I never took the speed above 7.5, just kept running. When I was finished, I was SO happy, and immediately decreased the speed on the treadmill to 3.0 so I could walk! Walked until I hit 1 hour.

Treadmill stats:
Distance: 6.25 miles
Time: 60 minutes
Calories: 586
Sweat: Lots.

After I hopped off the treadmill, I spent 15 minutes stretching out my hamstrings and foam rolling on the mat. I was dizzy, and day dreaming about what I'd have as my post workout meal!

Post-workout meal:
over-flowing scoop chocolate brown rice protein
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
lil bit of soy slender chocolate milk
--mixed that up to a pudding consistency
1/3 cup WHEAT BRAN (omg....)
1/3 cup 5 grain hot cereal
handful blueberries
--I put the hot oat combo in the pudding, and ate it like that. was SOOO Good.

**Wheat bran: Its like the outer shell of the bran, it's essentially all fiber. 1/4 cup has anywhere from 30-50 calories, 10carbs, but 6 grams of insoluble fiber. I won't go into details...but I recommend everyone go buy it! It doesn't have a fluffy consistency like oats and oat bran, so i suggest you combine it with one of those types of hot cereals for a good amount complex carbs and fiber. I bought Bob's Red mill wheat bran, it was on sale at my favorite health food store for $2.99. I'm a fan! 

So happy I pushed through my run this morning, so I have alllllll day to relax. And by relax, I mean study and catch up on homework. Yeah. 

Happy Sunday !! Hope you all have a great start to your week like I did! Plan some fun (intensely fun) workouts for yourself this week! 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Super-charged Saturday!

After yesterday's day off, and my MUCH needed 11 hours of sleep, I woke up just before 10AM and made breakfast and had some coffee, watched spongebob, and took my time...just hanging out. Saturday morning, no rush for a workout. Then, around 11:30 I started to go crazy and got a rush of energy to get my butt to the gym! Without further delay...
Saturday workout:

Ran for 35 minutes. 4.20 miles. 
My legs felt GREAT, finally relieved from the soreness of Tuesday/Wednesday's leg workout and run.

Then I went to WORK! Minimal rest periods, I kept moving

2 sets 12
Lat pull down
Seated row
Reverse grip lat pull down

2 sets 15
Stiff legged deadlifts w/bicep curl
Stiff legged deadlifts w/ bent over row
Hanging abs
--(after each set, quick step ups onto bench for 1 minute)

3 sets 12
Decline ab crunches holding 10lb weight
decline ab pulse no weight
Lat raise 10lbs
Plank on dbells w/ alternating row

bicep curls w/10lbs until burnout (LOTS OF REPS ..)
shoulder press w/10lbs until burnout

2 sets 20
Stand on step with one leg, tap opposite leg from right to left, no bounce 
Repeat, with bounce to relieve some pressure from the quad

2 sets 20
Glute raises on swiss ball, follow w/ isometric hold
straight legged glute raises on swiss ball

WOOO!!! Burned over 600CALS! 
Felt SO good and super energizing after having a day off yesterday and a long night of restorative sleep. From Monday-Friday, I wake up around 6:45, so it's nice to have one night to really SLEEP. SLEEP is also essential for successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and for the regulation of your metabolism. Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. You don't wanna be TIRED AND FAT! LOL. Make it a GOAL to get at LEAST 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to function better than ever, and feel naturally energized.

And hey, another thought... for all of you girls (and boys) who read my blog and STILL haven't incorporated WEIGHT TRAINING into your workout routine...I'm personally asking you to pick up the nearest set of dumbbells, and hold the longest plank you've ever held, and pay a visit to the squat rack. THANKS!! 

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday!

My usual Friday routine was flipped around this week, because my Barry's Boot Camp class was SOLD out when I tried to sign up...on TUESDAY NIGHT. I made it to waitlist position 1, but didn't get into the class. I already signed up for next Friday to make sure I don't miss my favorite workout again!!! 
I took today as my rest day, and tomorrow, as long as my legs feel up to it, I'll put myself through my own version of bootcamp! 
Remember yesterday's post about no grains? Well, I decided to switch things around today. Had ezekiel bread AND oatbran this afternoon because i was too damn hungry to just hang out with some spinach and cucumbers. Also, I'm not actively trying to lose weight, so there's no reason to DEPRIVE myself of healthy complex carbs!! You could call today my "refeed" day, where I fill up on a few hundred extra cals from quality carb sources. I had super tough weight training workouts this weeks, and my muscles all feel tender. I am NOT stepping on stage in a figure bikini anytime soon, so I like to listen to my body and make it feel BETTER if it feels too sore or too skinny and depleted. 
If there's one thing I've gotten really good at, its understanding my body. Knowing when to up the ante, and when to slow down. When to cut carbs, when to add fat, do a day of fasting, do a re-feed, etc. Once you establish a solid foundation in your diet and fitness regimen, these things will all fall into place. You CANNOT be a slave to weight-loss...especially if you don't have very much to lose! Of course, every single day I have that magic number in my head, What i would LOVE to see on the scale, what i would DIE to have my bodyfat test, what I IMAGINE my physique could look like, et cetera. And every time, something in the back of my head reminds me that everything I want to happen, WILL HAPPEN. I apply my heart and soul to my lifestyle, put 95% of my thoughts into what i eat, and how i train. That's why I continue to see lasting changes in my physique from week to week, month to month. I can't look at a photo from a vacation or special occasion and be like "wow i looked so much better back then," because EVERY day i work as hard as possible to reach my goals. If you KNOW what you want, apply yourself, and find motivation from peers and inspirational blogs (LIKE MINE!!!) and I promise you will get what you want. 
With that mindset , I am confident that I will have a GREAT weekend, will have a great workout, a great run, eat super clean, and happily continue on my journey toward that magic number, that imaginary physique, and absolute optimal health.
Have a kick-ass Saturday and Sunday. For those of you that haven't taken a day off the gym in 5 or 6 days...Saturday or Sunday could be your fabulous day of rest! Re-fuel your muscles. Make some protein pancakes with mixed berry chia jam. Watch your favorite movie. Sleep an extra hour or two. Make your rest day WORTH it !! 


Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a new motivation to get SUPER LEAN, like fitness model lean. Can't tell you why yet!
So I decided to try something out, its a diet principle from the FIGHTER DIET.. 
Essentially, eat all of your carbohydrates from vegetables, no grains. Aim for the same carb count, but coming from entirely vegetables. 
What does that mean?
--To me, this made me cut out my oats and ezekiel bread. I didn't cut out fruit because I feel like I'm continuing to get lean while still enjoying my berries and apples.. However, I did cut out the baby carrot habit because I decided to replace it with green beans and cucumbers and spinach
--When you eat entirely vegetables, you get so much MORE VOLUME.. MORE FOOD!!! Like, an entire bag of spinach is 40 calories. 5 servings of green beans is 125 calories. 
--Where did I go wrong? 
--Well, on this all veggie diet, you really need LOTS of veggies to get enough carbs. Example: 1 slice of ezekiel bread has 80 calories, 14 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of fiber.  That equals about 2 bags of spinach and a big cucumber to get all those carbs. I have a tiny fridge and a budget, so eating 1 bag of spinach and a pepper or some cucumbers filled me up, so I didn't feel the need to buy 10 bags of greens to last me a few days.
Do I like this diet?
--Well, I've been doing no-grain since monday. I'm about ready to stab myself. It's really difficult, I must say. and i LOVE vegetables SO much. It's just that, I don't always want to have a pound of veggies sitting in my belly before I go to workout.  For dinner, along with my tuna, I had Kale, Spinach, cucumbers, celery, beets, and avocado. My tummy is so full, and its fine because I'm ready for bed and laying down blogging. If I had to go walk around or run errands, I would be a little unhappy.
--However, I look freakin' awesome! Besides the post-veggie binge belly effect that lasts an hour or so after eating SO many vegetables, my abs and arms look super lean. I'll stay no-grain for another day or two, then might go back to eating 1 serving of grains per day. I have a tendency to not eat ENOUGH to feed my the vegetable thing definitely doesn't help me in the calorie department. I don't want to get SKINNY!!! 
--What's next?
I might try to cut the sugar intake next. It'll be super tough for me to go days without my blueberries and apples...but I just might do it. Unless its immediately after a CRAZY workout or run, when the body NEEDS sugars and carbs for immediate replenish and muscle repair. There is NOTHING better than my chocolate protein pudding with a banana after a long sweat session. (Bananas are a REAL reward. Like after a 5 mile run, or 90 minute training session.)

I'm just trying to be the best LIZ I can be! Loving my muscles, not the fat that doesn't wanna melt off! UGH. I love the process of training, getting stronger and faster, and shaping each muscle group the way i WANT TO! It's so empowering to see new cuts, lines, and veins. I have a feeling one is starting to show up on the right side of my abs...whoa! 

Tomorrow is Friday, the start of a beautiful weekend . WERK OUT!! 
XOXO , Liz

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CHOCOLATE, anyone!?

I'm not the biggest chocolate person, but I'm not gonna's a pretty nice treat. Since I can't eat 99% of the chocolate out there bc of DAIRY and "non-fat milk powder" and "milk fat"included in most available chocolate products, I get CREATIVE!! I made an AWESOME chocolate mousse-pudding type thing thats SUPER healthy and can be made with relatively NO carbs (perfect for late night dessert.) Oh, and did I mention the main ingredient is protein? Yeah. Here it is:

--Chocolate protein powder (use 1-2 servings, your call.)
--1 or 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (how chocolatey do u want it?)
--liquid of your choice. water works fine, less than 1cup.
(ideas: unsweetened almond milk, light chocolate soy milk, chocolate sodelicious coconut milk)
--1tbsp CHIA SEEDS

stir it all up with a fork or a spoon, and stick it in the fridge for a couple hours. the chia seeds will gel it all up and you'll get pudding!

with unsweetened coconut, strawberries, chia jam
I mix my portions up depending on when I'm going to eat it. For example, after 2hours in the gym today, I had prepared my chocolate protein pudding with 1.5 scoops of protein, and put a small banana and some blueberries in it. HEAVEN!! 

Here's a nice little snack I made the other day, AND my little sister dipped her strawberries in it!! And she's like ANTI-HEALTH FOOD. She thinks the majority of things I eat are FREAKY.

Its super easy to make, and I make this non-chocolate also, by using vanilla protein. Throw some maca powder or green tea powder in to make it funky! Experiment! 
**Note: Tastes really good with a 1/2 serving or full serving of oats stirred in.

Eat up! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BLT TUESDAY (buns legs thighs!)

Squat. Drop. Roll. It was leg day today. I could ramble forever about how sore my butt is, but I won't torture you. I'll just show you my INSANE workout:
(*Note: I went into my workout with the anti-rep mindset I just picked up from Ms. Olympia Nicole Wilkins. If you tell yourself "3 sets of 10," but by the 10th rep, you're not feelin it...why stop there?! Is there a rep police force thats gonna stop you on your 10th deadlift? NO. So in today's workout, I went for the BURN..and then some, so I wont be posting reps for every exercise here....I stopped counting after 10)

Warm-up: 5 mins on the treadmill (walked 4.5 for 1 min, ran up a 5.5 hill at 7.0 for 4 minutes, OUCH.)

Squat Rack:

--45 lb underhand grip , follow with bicep curls
--45 lb overhand grip, follow with bent over row, and another set of bicep curls
--65 lb underhand grip, follow with 20 alternating lunges
--65 lb overhand grip, follow with bent over row
--95lb underhand grip, 2 sets (20 alternating lunges in between)
--Drop set, finish up with 15 reps w/45lbs and bicep curls 

--45 lb overhead olympic squat .. i didn't like these.. only did 1 set .. around 18 reps
--45 lb wide stance, followed by side lunges w/ 5lb lat and frontal raise
--65 lb wide stance, 2nd set side lunges w/10 lb lat and frontal raise
--95 lb wide stance, followed by dip station crunch + tricep hold
--95 lb wide stance, followed by dip station crunch + tricep hold
--did drop sets (95-65-45)
--lat and frontal raises w/10lbs until fatigue

Leg Press:
**quick note...i haven't TOUCHED this machine in MONTHS...maybe since christmas..
only used 90 lbs (1 plate on each side) .. i used to use 3 plates, but might not have been getting full range of motion. The 90 lbs felt really light, but I focused on lowering slowly, holding for a second at the bottom position, and driving it up in 1 count..made it explosive, weight in the heels
-90lbs, use same weight to do calf raises, followed by 1 min forearm plank
-90lbs, calves, followed by 1 min forearm, both sides side plank with leg raise
-90lbs, calves,  followed by 1 min mountain climbers

At this point, my legs were SHOT!!! 
Didn't stop me...

Hyperextension apparatus: I adjust it so that the top of my hips are completely unsupported, and i turn my feet OUT under the ankle holders, to SQUEEZE the gluteus medius (upper butt) and outer butt muscles on the way UP
--15 hyperextensions
--15 side oblique crunches
--15 other side oblique crunches
--twists w/25lb plate
--upright row w/25 lb plate
--side bends w/25 lb plate 

**REPEAT, 20 reps per exercise**

oh baby..i was feeling sore.

finished with cable tricep pulldowns and high face pulls (for delts and upper back)

**5 minutes on the treadmill** Repeat first 5 minutes. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, my legs were SO SORE. I started running at 7.0, pumped it to 7.5, and walked from minute 4-5.

--did some down dogs, hip stretches, and was DONE. 521 cals in 1hr 10 minutes... thats a LOT of calories for a workout with 10 minutes of cardio!! Success!! 

And my butt and legs are on fire.. I'm so determined to get what I want! These exercises might be painful, but i feel SO accomplished and proud of myself after doing them, HARD.
I HATE looking at this. Time to CHANGE it


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sick Sunday Run!

I have NOT had a day off in WAY TOO LONG.. I usually take Saturdays off after BUSTING my ass at Barry's Boot Camp on Friday morning, but yesterday I had to take some new impromptu photos to send out, so all I had was 25lb dumbbells... Yup, curls, overhead presses, and deadlifts before and during the little shoot. That's the same weight I usuallly use, except my muscles were SO Exhausted from intense upper body work wed-thurs-friday that it was just PAINFUL! So even though I didn't go to the gym, I was still using my muscles, and posing for an hour definitely HURTS ! Contracting and squeezing like 28 muscles at the same time for pictures is harder than you might think. The pictures came out great though! Thanks to mom and little sister! 

SOOO This morning, I was so torn. Gym? I was sore. But I wanted to run! I reasoned that I'd go to the gym, run an easy 3 miles, foam roll, STEAM, and go home.

Ha.  That didn't happen.

Sunday's run: I started running at 6.5. Way too slow. Paced myself, reminded myself that I NEED to warm up and ease into my runs so I don't mess with that hip flexor. 2 minutes later, up to 7.0. Comfortable as HELL ! Running EASILY to "I Wanna Dance With somebody." 
mile 1: 8:40
upped the speed as I went into mile 2, took it down to 6.5 once because I felt something weird in my hip
miles 1+2: 17:20
Here's where i REALLY sped up...
miles 1,2,3: 25:20
I was feeling good, and decided I was in for a 5miler! Finished that 5 miles in 40:34!! A new personal best. That averages out to just over 8 minutes per mile.. about 8:06 per mile...whoa. AND I felt great afterwards, and ACCOMPLISHED. I walked at 3.5 until I hit 42 minutes, and wiped all the sweat off of me, and went to do some abs and glute raises with a triad ball and foamroll. (424 cals burned during the 42 mins on the treadmill, btw) I spent 20 minutes on the mat, burned another 106 cals, and was OUTTA the gym, feeling awesome!! My revamped running playlist DEFINITELY has something to do with it.
1. I wanna dance with sombody-Whitney
2. Work me down- Dance Camp
3. I would die for you- Prince
4. Get me bodied- Beyonce
5. Million dollar bill- Whitney Houston
6. Moves like jagger
7. Dont stop til you get enough- MJ
8. Beat goes on- Madonna
9. Sexy and I know it
10. Fly together rmx- Trey Songz and Red Cafe
11. Slight work- Wale ft. Big sean
12. Bring it back- Travis Porter
13. Ayy Ladies- Travis Porter
14. Strip-Chris Brown
15. Muscles- Diana Ross 

I swear, those songs keep my feet MOVING!! I didn't even TOUCH my ipod once, I let it play through because each song makes me want to keep running and working hard.

Its amazing what your body can do when you just LET IT GO! I had no intentions of having a power-packed SICK run today, and BOOM, I did! So proud of myself!! 



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feature: Pole Dancing!

I know I mention pole dancing on the blog every once in a while, because it's part of my workout a given week, I pole 2-3 times...lately, more like 1-2. I started last september (2010) when I moved into the city. I fell in love with both the challenge and the idea of being able to rock a pole with strength and ease. Here I am, about a year and a half later, a regular in crunch pole classes at all different locations in manhattan. I'm lucky that my gym in union square has pole 3x a week! The other day, I went to the gym for my usual Wednesday 1:15pm class which is usually pretty small, and the studio was PACKED! Why? Fitbie had come to FILM the class, and the founder of Crunch pole (as well as owner of  Body & Pole studio, and AMAZING pole dancer and athlete) Kyra Johanssen was there with another awesome teacher (Courtney) to teach. During class, the camera crew filmed us on the poles, and asked to interview me after class. Of course I said yes!! Check out the video:


Here are the things I LOVE About pole that you DO NOT see me mention in the vid:
--confidence-booster: Its amazing to be in a room full of women (and some men!) of all shapes and sizes wearing BOOTY SHORTS !! When I first started pole, I was a LOT thicker, and was comforted by seeing everyone rockin' skimpy clothes, no matter how good they did (or didnt) look. The truth is, for pole, more skin HELPS you stick to the pole. As I kept learning more tricks, and getting more serious about pole and working out in general, it was great to feel better and look better in my pole shorts. Now, I can't even pole with a shirt on, I NEED to be in my sports bra and shorts.
--a well-rounded workout: I love that pole is such an awesome strength-builder. I was SO humbled during my first pole class, because i sure couldn't lift my bodyweight off the ground and up onto the took a few classes and a lot of soreness to work up to some basic crunching and lifting and climbing up the pole. Now, I'm so far along in my pole practice, that I literally get an AMAZING upper body and abdominal workout during each pole class. i really push myself whenever I take pole, to make sure that I progress not only by means of pole tricks, but in overall STRENGTH
--it's a practice: Yup, just like yoga. There are fundamentals to pole fitness. No, they do NOT involve droppin for a dollar or shaking your butt (although a little bit of that is always fun in freestyle time!) No matter how many times you climb the pole, do a crunch, or chopper, there's always something to fix, and something ELSE to work toward. Your movements can always improve and become more controlled. Perfection rarely exists in the world of pole dancing. You know i LOVE a challenge.
--it's SEXY AND FUN!!!! I LOVE to dance, i LOVE to whip around my hair, and i LOVE that i get to wear 6 inch platforms at 1pm on a WEDNESDAY!! It's such a nice switch from dumbbells and cables (well, it's not really a switch, it's an addition to that part of my weekly routine)

If you ever get the chance, i SERIOUSLY recommend you get your booty into a pole class ASAP! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ripping up!!

Well, hope everyone had a GREAT valentine's day! 
my mom, dad, and little sister came to see me last night, i LOVE them!
i missed my other little sister, but she was busy with her BOYFRIEND :-O !! 
I was busy loving MYSELF FOR ALL MY HARD EFFORT yesterday..

I'm leaning out, and it's so funny, because i STOPPED using "Lose it!" which I had been using religiously to Log EVERY THING I ATE / EVERY CALORIE I BURNED.. Now I just focus on enjoying every clean food I eat, and appreciating the function each serves to my body. Oats and protein with berries is no longer "carbs protein sugar" in my mind, but truly "refuel." My avocados are still "fats" but I value their fiber and monounsaturated fats that help my body to METABOLIZE more efficiently, and help me BURN fat! Check out these pics! They speak for themselves... 
These pictures are intended to show the LEAN abdomen/muscles I'm finally achieving , NOT for you to look at my underwear, or to judge me for. Clothes get in the way when trying to take quick pics of your muscles! I have a LONGGGG way to go, but I'm getting somewhere! 

uhh, SLICED on the side!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! I love everyone who reads and enjoys my blogs and posts and tips and rants! You all mean the world to me, because you allow me to reach out and to DO something with my passion and absolute PASSION and LOVE for fitness , wellness, and nutrition...

Okay so i've been complaining and talking about how I've been dying to GET MY BUTT BACK ... and today marked the start of this journey. By the look ... ahem, FEEL of today's workout, I can already tell its NOT going to be easy.
I said to myself: no cardio. let's SQUAT, DEADLIFT, LUNGE, until I can't go anymore.
I warmed up for only 3 minutes on the stair monster at level 14 so I almost died !
Squat rack: Started with deadlifts.
45lbs warmup 15 reps, followed by 15 bent over rows with the bar
65lbs 15 reps, followed by 40 mountain climbers
85 lbs 12 reps, 40 mountain climbers
95 lbs 10 reps, 8 reps, 40 mountain climbers, plank series

Split squats/ Squats:
Split squats w/45lbs 12 reps per leg, squat 12 reps, repeat
Split squats w/65 lbs, 10 reps per leg, squat 12 reps, repeat
--plank w/ row using 10lbs 20 reps each arm
Split squats w/45 lbs 12 reps, pulse 20 seconds after each set in lunge
--repeat plank w/row

Squats: I do my squats with my feet slightly turned OUT to activate more glute muscles
Squat 65lbs, 12 reps , followed by single leg deadlift w/bent over row 12 reps (repeat squats w 65, and other leg deadlifts)
Squat 85lbs, 10 reps, deadlifts on both sides
Squat 95 lbs 10 reps x2

--1 min of alternating reverse lunges
--1 min of squats w/ hands over head
--1 min mountain climbers
--1 min plank dips

Superset (backtobacktoback)
Suitcase Squats w/25lb plates 3 sets 15
Decline oblique crunch 3 sets 15
Hyperextensions w/10lb weight 3 sets 15

Glute raises on stability ball 3 sets 20
Dip station L crunch 3 sets 12

cooled down for 6 minutes on the stationary bike, and stretched
Burned 439 cals in just over an hour. they were a HARD earned 439 calories too!! I can't wait until I get my strength back and go back to squatting more than 135 lbs! But this time, I am not willing to compromise form to lift heavier. If I can't do the squat fully and completely, its NOT time to move up the weight. I had to PUSH myself harder than ever to get through the workout, but i DID IT!! My upper body got jealous that my lower body was getting all the love, so I had to throw in some overhead presses and bicep curls just to pay attention to the muscles here and there. Between sets on the squat rack, as I was moving plates, I would crank out 10-12 reps of an upper body exercise here and there to get my heart rate up and make my upper body happy.
I'm so excited for where this whole Booty goal could take me!! This picture is what i would LOVE to look like from behind.. petite, but with a nice a$$ ... and purple is my fave color! lol.
Well, I'll keep everyone posted on the butt improvement. Who's with me?!!? Lets make our problem areas our PROUDEST and STRONGEST areas! muscle up!

xoxo, Liz

Monday, February 13, 2012


Okay, so I do NOT have a valentine and i do NOT celebrate valentine's day ... (no chocolate and teddy bears for this chick..) BUT!!! If you DO want to join the festivities the BODY BY LIZ way, check it out. I LOVE red and pink, they are warm, loving colors, and SO pretty! So, EAT something red or pink! Ideas:

--put some POMEGRANATE seeds in your oats (or protein pudding) These are so cool. I buy them from TRADER JOES, they're removed from the fruit itself and packaged for you. 1 serving has 70cals and 12g sugar. and thats 1/2cup seeds....which is a LOT. I use 1-2 teaspoons in my oats for garnish.
--make a PINK smoothie for your post-workout refuel: 10 oz water, 1scoop (or 2) vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup frozen or fresh strawberries, 1/2cup frozen or fresh raspberries, ice. (or 1/2 banana and 1/2cup berries of your choice)
--Steamed BEETS and tofu over spinach, add whatever veggies you like (hey, what about some red bell peppers?!) if you mush the beets and tofu together, the tofu turns pinky-magenta, it's really pretty!

---if someone wants to buy you chocolate, or DOES give you chocolate, DARK is the way to go. 1 ounce of 70-85% dark chocolate can actually be GOOD for you as a source of healthy fat and anti-oxidants (good for your bloodstream.) Green & Blacks makes individual 1 ounce bars! 1 bar is 190 cals, 14g fat, and less than 10g sugar. OH, AND dark chocolate has FIBER! So, if someone gives you a chocolate heart box, appreciate it and reward them for it (read that as you will....) but its not worth it!!! Gross, cheap milk chocolate with caramel mush or processed coconut filling are NOT worth it. Treat yourself to an amazing piece of dark chocolate if you're really in the V-day spirit. Encourage your valentine to do the same!

I won't be eating any dark chocolate tomorrow...but i will definitely be enjoying some pom seeds and steamed beets (just because they're part of my meals this week, and are awesome.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day. And if you're like me, remember that not being in a relationship just means you get more time to focus on yourself and LOVE yourself! That's the most important relationship anyone can have. Love thyself.

Peace out


That's right! BOOTY CALL. I've said this time and time again, that in 2012, i WILL build my glutes to be just as fabulous as my shoulders, abs, and other visibly strong parts. A few things in my schedule have changed, for the better, because now I have the opportunity to fully dedicate my schedule to MY TRAINING. I'm drafting a revamped workout plan that accomodates my runs, my pole dancing, and lifting HEAVY and in order to further sculpt and shape my physique. The difference in this plan is that my BUTT and LEGS are getting WAY more attention. Lately I've been neglecting them, but I want them back! So, how am i gonna do this?

--Instead of trying to run 4-6 miles at a time 4 times a week, I'll aim to run about 12-15 miles a week, utilizing more HIIT running and incline work. On days that I don't run, I'll use the dreaded stair climber for cardio.
--Cranking out lots of hard hours on the squat rack. Deadlifting, Squatting, lunging
--More hamstring curls to make sure the hammys stay strong and LIFT the booty up
--For every upper body exercise, i NEED to hit the lower body to combat the slight imbalance I've created
--Focus on the lower back as well, to finally get rid of the stubborn fat that likes to hang out there...its so gross!

I'm determined!!! Find me on the squat rack! 
My dream is to be able to look at photos of my backside and be as pleased with them as my front/profile view. Time to build the BUTT.
Got imbalances? A "problem" area? Well, its your choice whether or not you WANT to fix it. Get to it!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

My favorite exercises!

I feel like I've been posting so much about food lately. Here's a list of my absolute favorite exercises (STRENGTH TRAINING) ... this isn't a treadmill post. You all know how I love my treadmill :-)  I love these exercises because they make me feel STRONG, and I've developed an absolute obsession with seeing my muscles bulge and my veins pop out during my workouts.

--Bicep curl to overhead press (try it standing on one leg on a BOSU for a crazy stability switch) I warm up with 17.5 pound weights, 12 reps, and complete my sets with 20's. I squeeze out 6-8 reps with 22.5's, and I'm up to 4 reps with 25lb dbells. I'm working my way up to 30 pounds!!

--Push-up to plank row: Get in plank position, with your hands on dumbells or really sturdy kettlebells. Do one push-up (Not wide, chest-geared pushups, these are more like tricep/bicep targeted push-ups) , row the right elbow back, pulling the dumbbell toward your hip. Keep your spine FLAT and hips squared. Fire up the lats by keeping them engaged on the pull and descent. Push-up. Repeat left. Push-up. I use 10-15 pound dbells, they get your heart rate UP and shoulders burning!

--suitcase squats: hold 2 heavy dbells/kbells/plates (1 in each hand), feet hips distance apart, parallel. Contract your abs as you sit back into your hips (knees stay over toes!!) and touch your weights to the ground, drive with the hips to come up to stand. I use 30-35lbs in each hand for a challenging 10 reps.

--Deadlifts: These make my rear end feel nice and lifted and tight. It might be small, but it's not flabby! I like to use underhand grip, and maintain a relatively stiff leg, but never locking in the knees. Keep a neutral bend as you bend from the hips. Keep the core engaged and shoulders locked back and down. I warm up with just the 45lb bar, then add 20lbs, then complete my sets with a 25lb plate on each side. I practice a couple of reps with a bit more than my bodyweight (135lbs) after my sets. YOUCH!!! 

--Dip station EVERYTHING. Okay, this isnt a particular exercise. But a myriad! If there's a dip station or a dip/pull-up/chin-up apparatus, USE IT!!! If you're not quite strong enough to do these exercises unassisted, use the assist machine, and gradually use less and less assistance until you think you're strong enough. (You can also hook a strong resistance band on the dip/pull-up/chin-up handles to put your feet in when you practice unassisted. It's like having someone hold your feet or spot you.) 
I usually spend 10-15 minutes on the pullup/dip combo station at the gym doing things like this:
--narrow grip chin-ups: I'm up to 4 reps. I want to do 10!!
--wide grip: um.. I'm working on it. Even holding your bodyweight up in the wide-grip pull-up position is a sick upper back/shoulder burn.
--Tricep dips: YUP, i do them! I'm a girl, but a strong one!
--Tricep dip w/rotating oblique crunch: dip,back up, twist to one side, oblique crunch, dip, back up, twist to other side, oblique crunch
--hanging abs: Hang from the pull up or wide grip and crunch, bicycle, or PIKE your legs up
--L-sit using dip handles: this makes me feel really  strong , like a male gymnast

Seated cable row: SQUEEZE the shoulderblades, keep the shoulders locked and down, straight back, abdominals engaged. I love seeing how heavy I can go!

Toe-touches on bench: Lay with your back on a bench, legs at 90degrees, point feet toward ceiling. Use abs to reach your fingertips to your toes? Too Easy? Do it like me, use 20-30pounds (CoreBall or dumbell) Squeeze out 50 reps (I do 2 sets of 20, 1 set of 10)

Mountain climbers: I hate them and love them all at the same time. Wanna make them harder? Mess with your stability and put your hands on a swiss ball or medicine ball. Warning: you might lose balance and look like an idiot at first)

Glute raises on swiss ball: Heels on the ball, hips to the ceiling, bridge it up, SQUEEZE THE BUNS!! Fires up the booty instantly.

Pike-up and crunch with feet on swiss ball: start in plank, feet on a swiss ball. Crunch the legs in, extend. Then, using your shoulders and triceps to stabilize your upper body, drive the hips toward the ceiling by using your ENTIRE ABDOMINAL REGION. Hits lower, upper, sides, etc. And if you do it gracefully, people will stare and pretty much want to be you.

Reverse fly's on one leg: I use 8s to warm-up, then go with 10s and 12.5s. trying to work towards 15's.
Lat raises: I just LOVE what doing these has done to my shoulders. I use 8s to warm up, then 10s and 12.5's.

I love LOTS of exercises. But these are my all time favorites. Not necessarily the ones i SHOULD be doing all the time, and there are a few that i SHOULD be doing way more since I just complain about my small butt...(ahem, squats of all sizes, shapes, colors...leg press...lunges).. 

TRY THEM!! Adjust the weight according to how strong or weak you are. I always say to start lighter and just move up because there's less riskiness involved. You'd be surprised at what a 10 pound weight feels like if you're new to lifting.


Friday, February 10, 2012


This is what the chia pudding +blueberry oats look like with
chocolate protein. i used vanilla this morning!
This is so wild, It's about 10:45 am and I've been wide awake for 4 hours already! My day has been so amazing already, that I just had to write a blog ASAP. I woke up this morning at 6:45, microwaved my overnight oats in chia, stirred up my vegan protein chia pudding, drank a LOT of water before and after eating, and was OFF to Barry's bootcamp! On my trek, I stopped by starbucks as usual for a grande coffee to really AMP me up for my workout. It was my first time back at Barry's in a LONG LONG time... probably 2 months :-O !!! Never letting myself stay away for that long again. 
I NEED that workout in my life, at least once a week. It's the additional push you get from being TOLD what to do, and seeing people on your left, right, and in back of you working HARD, sometimes even HARDER than you already are.
In class this morning, I was a little thrown off at first because my position was taken! I love to stand in the corner, run on the corner treadmill, next to the speaker...but today, I was front and CENTER. But, that's where i SHOULD BE, and WILL BE from now on. Watching myself run in the mirror, seeing my shoulders shaped and sweaty, my abs looking strong, all forced me to realize: I AM AN ATHLETE. I AM AMAZING. IF I DON'T BELIEVE IN LIZ, WHO WILL? Today's bootcamp consisted of 3 treadmill segments, and 3 floor segments:
1st treadmill session got me reacquainted with the good old incline run, (6.5mph at 8%incline...hello.), along with some incline sprinting (9.3mph at 2%incline ..)
The first floor segment involved burpees with pushups,lots of rowing, got my shoulders burning...
I was SO into the rest of the class, that I can barely even remember what the exact format was, or else I would type it out here. end of class -- 565 cals burned. In 55 minutes of workout and 5 minutes cooldown stretch. WHAT!!!!! That's JUST WHAT I NEEDED!! 
After Barry's I booked it back to my dorm for my meal #2 of the day, POST-WORKOUT!! 
--1/2cup hot 5grain cereal pre-soaked in the fridge with some chia
--1/4 cup frozen berries
--1/2cup eggwhites
--3cups fresh spinach

I feel amazing, empowered, fueled, and hydrated. Ready to take on this beautiful day. Oh, and I've already drank over a LITER of water. Talk about drinking enough water! Later, I'm going to pole and PARTY. (gasp) I don't remember the last time I went out! There's a 90s party tonight, so I'll be rocking a fierce vintage sequined jacket and some doorknocker earrings for sure!

Most kids my age are LAZY and probably not even awake yet. Happy to NOT be one of those! It's time for me to start running errands, including a stop at Trader Joe's strictly to buy 5 HUGE (1.5L) water bottles.

Happy Weekend.

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Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday. If you know me, you know I've been training at Pilates ProWorks like a mad woman, because our grand opening is February 15th!! All of the instructors have been putting in lots of hours and creative and physical effort to mold a class format that's cohesive, and united, so that each Barre Pro class will offer the same intensity, creative, and workout method. With that said, we've been doing LOTS of pilates work, as you can imagine...
Me, being the lunatic that I am, was like "oh, its just pilates, let me get my workouts done before I go to the studio..." Bad decision. I didn't slow my pace or decrease my workout load in the gym at ALL during the first 2 days of training, and one morning I woke up just wanting to kill someone! So, I took Thursday ENTIRELY OFF. Instead of Treadmill Thursday, I made it into TRAIN thursday by going to see my momma and sisters for this big sale at their favorite store on greenwich avenue. My mom had THIS waiting for me when i got off the train! IT WAS AMAZING. (look below)

 I went back to the city at 6, was back in my dorm before 7, did laundry, watched law and order, and got to sleep early so that I could wake up for BARRYS BOOT CAMP this morning with my favorite instructor ( he's incredible and motivating. I also prepped my breakfast before i went to sleep, so I could roll out of bed at 6:45 instead of 6:30 and just eat.
Breakfast: (Pre-Barry's)
--1.5tbsp vegan protein mixed with 1/2tb chia seeds and water to make overnight protein pudding
--1/2cup 5grain hot oats with a few frozen blueberries, soaked in water and 1/2tb chia seeds overnight

--By leaving oats in the fridge overnight with water, they soak up the water and EXPAND...feels like you can't even finish them once u add more water and microwave or cook them!! 

Remember to REST and FEED your body accordingly. Don't treat your ferrari like a honda. only PREMIUM fuel for your body, you only have one!! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday PICTURE Update

Here's some pretty pictures I've been meaning to share with you all...

The bikini bod is getting there!! 
 Taking pictures is my FAVORITE way of tracking progress, and having something concrete to look at and say WOW, I look great, or WOW, my hard work is paying off. Progress like mine comes with dedication, enthusiasm, and absolute passion for fitness and eating clean. I'm not actively trying to lose weight, it's just a byproduct of my lifestyle. TRY  IT.

my abs are looking better..

its SO hard to take a picture of your own back!! 

I think these are just amazing. I was so excited that they fit me because theyre sooo friggin tiny!! Can't wait til it WARMS up a little so I can wear them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What does Liz eat?

I've been taking pics of my meals lately, so here's some pics! 
New creation: I was running out of ideas, didn't want too many carbs or calories since I wasn't going to be blasting a usual this is what I did for lunch:
1/2tbsp chia seeds+1/2cup frozen blueberries microwaved and cooled--chia jam
1.5 tbsp brown rice vegan protein
1/4cup 5 grain cereal (thats half a serving)
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

---It tasted way better than it looks! After this, I rushed to the pilates studio for 2 hours of training and practice classes.

For dinner, I made tuna with LOTS of greens. Cucumber, celery, spinach, and avocado type of greens, to be exact.
I swear I'm going to dedicate a post to my FAVORITE superfoods next. Look out for avocado, chia, flax, spinach, and some more staples in the Body By Liz lifestyle.

A few days ago, I hadn't eaten for about 5 hours, and ate this AMAZING creation of a meal. Got my proteins, carbs, fats, veggies, and YUM FACTOR, all in one.
This is: 3oz eggwhites w/handful chopped kale, a sliced cucumber with 1/2tbsp chia seeds gelled with water, 2 slices ezekiel toast with 1/3 avocado spread on them

This was breakfast over the weekend. Looking at this pic makes me HUNGRY!! This was my first time making chia jam!
Left bowl: 1/2cup 5 grain hot cereal with chia jam, made with 1/2cup frozen blueberries, 2 strawberries, 1/2tbsp chia seeds
right plate: TON of spinach, 4 oz eggwhites, leftover chia drizzle
Now THATS How I fuel my beautiful body on a daily basis. I do NOT STARVE, I do NOT eat "low carb" or "low fat".... I eat well balanced meals, don't obsess over calories, while I do keep track in the back of my mind, and measure carefully. By properly fueling myself every day, and replenishing my muscles after tough workouts, I am able to make the progress everyone has noticed...the RIGHT WAY. I'm not getting "skinny" or "wasting away" as some people have jokingly said to me (I hope they were joking, at least..), I'm getting LEANER and more athletic, and healthier altogether, and loving EVERY minute of it!! The best part of being an athlete is eating like one, well...and looking like one with no clothes on!

Eat CLEAN!!