Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last pump of 2011 !

I can't believe 2011 is OVER! This morning, I woke up at 7:30, drifted back to sleep, and woke up again at 8:30. Usually, I would hop out of bed right away to make me and my mom's breakfast, but mom was at the gym already, and I wasn't I laid in bed and watched TV for like 2 hours! Finally I got hungry and went downstairs around 10:30 to make breakfast:
first, i drank a GIANT glass of water (i drank 32 ounces of water before eating anything today..hydration is soo important!!)
egg whites, flax seeds, veggies with a slice of ezekiel toast
i drank some more water, and got some coffee ready, and lounged around even was a lazy saturday morning. LAZY is not exactly the way i roll, but this morning...thats what happened.
Finally i got my butt movin to the gym, sore, but ready for a KICKASS WORKOUT... 
treadmill: ran for 40 minutes. no walking. mostly RUNNING, but some jogging, and a few rounds of running backwards towards the end. I covered 4.30 miles in 40 minutes. It felt GREAT! 
My last run of 2011 was energizing, light, and empowering. Last year, at this time, I was not covering nearly as much distance, and sure wasn't dominating the treadmill and running in every direction like i do now! Last January, 40 minutes on the treadmill would have likely been a full workout for me. NOT ANYMORE!! After my treadmill work, I headed out to the floor to BURN OUT my biceps, shoulders, and triceps. I was on a MISSION. I can't remember the last time my arms felt sore! As I'm typing this...I'm pretty sure i succeeded at burning out my shoulders and biceps.

circuit 1: warmup, lightweight, 25reps
--bicep curls w/ overhead press 12.5lbs
--overhead press 12.5lbs

circuit 2: upping the weight: 3 sets 12 reps
--bicep curls w/overhead press 17.5 lbs
--one arm bent over row + tricep kickback 17.5lbs
--chest press 22.5lb dumbbells

circuit 3: 2 sets 10 reps
--seated bicep curls w/overhead press 20lbs
--toe touches on bench w/20lb dumbbell
--tricep extensions 25lb dumbbell

circuit 4: til muscle fatigue
--alternating bicep curl w/overhead press 22.5lbs
--upright row 25lb kettlebell
--reverse fly's 7.5lbs (4 sets 12)

circuit 5:
--holding 25lb kbell behind back, push away 2 sets 12 reps
--alternating bicep curls w/25lb dumbbells (4 reps)
--throwaways on bench 3 sets 10reps

circuit 6: cables 3 sets 10
--tricep pull down
--reverse grip tricep pull down
--delt high face pull

and THATS how i burned my biceps out...LOTS AND LOTS of curls and overhead presses. All of that , with stretching, took me like 2 hours! Solid way to end 2011!! 

post workout: water, protein powder, fresh spinach smoothie and a green apple

A major goal of mine for 2012 is to ALWAYS push my limits and GET STRONGER and FASTER!! 

by the way... here are some ideas for your FIRST 2012 BREAKFAST:

Body by Liz eggs and toast:
--1 whole egg, 5 whites, chopped broccoli, baby spinach, with a slice of ezekiel toast (Broccoli is a major liver savior, and can help with some of that damage you might have done on new years eve if you were bad and drinking alcohol!! Body by Liz does NOT approve of drinking, but I know some people do it occasionally. I learned the broccoli bit from Dr. Oz!)

Body by Liz oatmeal:
--1/3 cup oatbran (or 1/2cup rolled oats) (made in 4 oz water, 4oz nondairy milk, 1 scoop protein, 1tbsp flaxseeds, 1/2 cup blueberries

Body by Liz smoothie fuel:
--smoothie: 12 oz water, 6 oz nondairy milk, 1/2 banana, fresh spinach, scoop of protein powder *option for those wanting EXTRA fuel/calories : ADD 1tbsp natural almond butter or peanut butter or 2tbsp flaxseed meal for omega-3 fats !*

Cant decide? How bout ALL 3?!
-4 eggwhites w/spinach, 1/3cup oatbran with 1/2banana and 1tbsp flax! YUP. THATS A BREAKFAST!! 


Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, December 30th

This morning, i was still feeling uncomfortably sore. However, Liz Brody DOES NOT take TWO days off the gym...oh no, that would make me go crazy. Especially 2 days in a ROW.. so, I woke up at 7:30, made breakfast , drank coffee with mom, responded to some messages from wonderful blog readers, then got ready for the gym. I hopped on the treadmill, knowing that moving my legs would loosen them up. It's amazing how much better my SORE ASS LEGS felt while I was running. I had just 1 hour to kill it in the gym this morning, because I had to go to the city to DANCE!! This was my treadmill warmup:
1 minute intervals:
backwards run 5.5
repeated that until i hit 20 minutes, then walked for 3 minutes. Ended up getting through 2.30miles in 23 mins. The minute I stepped off the treadmill, i felt the soreness in my legs again. Then it was time to burn out my upper body a little bit:

cables: 3 sets, increasing weight each set (12,10,8 reps)
Lat pull down wide grip (30/40/50 lbs)
Lat pull down reverse grip (25/30/40 lbs)
Seated low body row (Hit 70lbs for 8 reps!)

circuit 2, free weights: 3 sets 6-8 reps 
Barbell bicep curl 40lbs
Barbell low body row 40lbs
bicep curl to overhead press 20lb dumbbells

circuit 3, free weights: 2 sets 10 reps
lateral raises 7.5lb dumbbells
overhead press 15lb dumbbells
frontal raises 7.5 lb dumbbells
10 tricep pushups

circuit 4 , free weights, 2 sets 12 reps
bent over row 10lb plates
overhead press 10lb plates
10 hanging abs (pike)

pull-ups: 5,5,4 reps

studio: 2 sets 15 burpees w/jump
3 sets 50 mountain climbers

me and mom's LARGE SUPA DUPA GREENZ!! 
that was SUCH a tough way to end a workout..i wanted to vomit! I stretched briefly, but had to run home to get ready for the city. I warmed up the class with some jumping jacks, jogging in place, and some tough abs for 2-3 solid minutes. Dance was fun as usual, and i got to spend time with a very talented friend of mine (hi nick!) After class, my mom and I went to juice generation with nick and junior, and we all got matching "Supa Dupa greens" Juices with added GINGER! Thats: spinach, kale, parsley, romaine, cucumber, celery, lemon & apple .. not gonna lie, the ginger burned a little bit, but the juice was amazing. talk about getting enough veggies.. 

drove out of the city, went to TRADER JOES for groceries, had dinner (egg whites with an entire bag of spinach and sprinkled with flax seeds) and entirely BINGED on baby carrots and celery sticks ...
I swear, if you're having a moment where you just NEED to do some serious eating...get out some stalks of celery and a bag of baby carrots. You really won't be able to eat that many calories, especially in celery, because the water content fills you up! And baby carrots are always fun to eat .. 
If you ever find yourself unable to stop...LEAVE THE KITCHEN. genius idea right? Easier said than done, I know. But make yourself a big cup of tea , drink a big glass of water, and go watch some TV or even better, READ MY BLOG :-) !!!!

With one day of 2011 left, get ready to leave the bad habits behind, we don't need em' anymore for 2012! I'll be posting up some easy-to-follow guidelines to help any readers start 2012 off on the right foot (or left...depending which foot hits the treadmill first!)

If you want to be ahead of the game..i have some hints:
-go grocery shopping (the menu needs eggs/whites, no salt tuna, lemons, fresh celery, baby spinach, broccoli, your favorite veggies, fruits like apples and blueberries,quinoa, flax seeds or flax seed meal, ezekiel bread, oats, and a high quality protein powder)
for everyone thinking that's an expensive list, it REALLY isn't, if you know how to shop. If there's a trader joe's near you, you can get ALL OF THOSE THINGS for an entire week for under $60 (except the protein powder, check out vitamin shoppe, GNC, or health food store for that.)

Hope you guys are ready to make a change and make 2012 even better than 2011!! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reflection on 2011

Typically, I would be writing about an awesome workout and cardio session on a Thursday, as a few months ago, I incorporated "Treadmill Thursday" into my workout regimen.  However, if there's one major thing I learned during 2011, its that you MUST listen to your body. After my workout yesterday, I knew I'd be sore...but DAMN!!! My entire back is so sore, and my legs are still feeling the burn from my workouts monday through wednesday. So, this morning I woke up at 7:30, made breakfast for my mom and I, brewed the coffee, and thought about whether or not I should go to the gym. I decided that working out today would not benefit me very much physically because I'm too sore to push myself to the limits and workout as HARD as I like to. Therefore, today was my rest day for the week. My last day of rest was Saturday, so 4 hard workouts body wants a calm day of rest. 
Sooo instead of working out in the morning with mom as usual, mom and I hung out in the kitchen until 9:30 or so, drinking our favorite gingerbread coffee from Trader Joe's, then decided to return something to Loehmann's. I picked up a pair of really cool burgundy Hudson skinny jeans in a SIZE 26!! WHAT?! I think they must run big or something...but whatever. 
Anyway, As I sit here typing away on my new blog, just two days away from 2012, I can't help but smile at how far I've come. Last year, at this same exact time, I was feeling bloated and guilty from all the treats I "treated myself" to during Christmas festivities. (Not to mention, my dairy allergy made me feel even worse because nearly everything contains dairy..) I didn't even like the way I looked in my New Year's dress, because I gained a few pounds during the Holidays. I was still working out every day, but doing 60% cardio, 20% yoga, and the rest of the 20% was mainly strength training. Running on the treadmill everyday is a good way to sweat, and burn calories...but oh baby when you don't wanna run..what else is there to do?! Looking back on the majority of my 2011 workouts, i cannot believe how much frickin' RUNNING I did. Running was definitely a good way to keep myself occupied in the gym, and I always made new goals for myself --be it distance, speed, et cetera. But there came a point where my body didnt WANT to run run run every day of the week. What did I do when my legs didn't feel like running during 2011? Likely, I took a hot yoga class, or maybe did some upper body strength training on the cables, and focus on my core. From the beginning of 2011 to about May, I continued to focus on my running, and developing my skill on the pole, despite a bad tear in my left shoulder, which took me out of pole dancing and away from lifting for about 8 weeks solid. My need to rehabilitate my shoulder injury put me back on the cables 4 days a week, because i WANTED to gain my strength back so I could advance in pole dancing. Needless to say, after about 3 months of hard work, my shoulder was feeling good, and I was back at it on the pole. In May, I moved out of my NYC dorm and back to Rye, and started working at the cafe in Equinox. Being in the gym so often, and having no friends around made me want to workout whenever possible. 
Something came over me: I wanted to be lean, smaller, fitter, stronger.  I wanted to be REALLY good at pole dancing. I NEEDED the abs I only dreamed about. I worked SO hard in the gym before and after my shifts at the snack bar, doing extra cardio, lifting HEAVIER, and finally started to see more muscle definition.  My diet was improving, but I learned later on that I was eating WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. Never candy, no refined sugar...but nature's candy--FRUIT.  Working at a snack bar, I mainly sustained my work days on smoothies: protein powder and fruit. too much sugar, too many carbs. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries..etc. After a full summer of working out and eating better than ever (minus the overdose of fruit,) I returned to my NYC dorm with absolute determination to continue losing bodyfat and getting smaller, and eating BETTER.
In September, I ENTIRELY CUT OUT SUGAR, NO FRUIT whatsoever for about a week. A week doesn't seem long, but the improvement in my abdominal definition and my skin was amazing. Now, I try as hard as possible to consume as little sugar as possible, and only from fruits.  Apples are my absolute favorite fruit, they satisfy a sweet craving, and have fiber, which everyone needs more of. The best time to eat simple sugar and carbs like fruits is right before a workout, because your body needs immediate glucose to breakdown before you dip into the fat reserve to burn FAT, the tough stuff. Some sugar AFTER your workout has also been proven to be beneficial--so throw a 1/2 cup of frozen cherries, blueberries, raspberries, etc into a post-workout shake with protein and some fresh spinach! 
The past 4 months have been an INCREDIBLE period of growth for me in terms of REALLY understanding how my body works.  I keep track of every single thing I eat, every rep i complete, every sprint I do, and track my progress. Even if I slip up and eat something NOT in my plan, I keep track, and see WHAT IMPACT (if any) it had on my body. I examine my abs EVERY time i go to the bathroom, if there's a mirror. I like to check up on them all day, to see if something I ate makes me bloated, or has no effect. Some might think its crazy, but it keeps me happy and comfortable. 
Another major change i made beginning in September is training DYNAMICALLY. I really started to push my limits on the treadmill and on the floor. Incorporating strength training into my daily routine transformed my physique entirely. NO MORE CRUNCHES FOR THIS GIRL, and my abs are defined, and getting more ripped by the day.  Lifting weights and training my lower body HARD has helped me to appreciate my body so much more, because there's muscles to flex on every single part of my body. i can SEE and FEEL all my hard work and dedication. By learning (from Tina, and Barry's Bootcamp, and numerous other blogs) to utilize EVERY muscle group in a workout, I've been able to increase the number of calories I burn during a 60-90 minute workout, and keep my metabolic rate high after I exercise. Burning all those extra calories, while eating super clean foods, has lead to the transformation of my body. I never said there was anything wrong with the way I looked before, but I'm much happier being a lean size 2-4, than I was being a "curvy" or "thick" size 8.  Being lighter lets me run faster, workout harder, wear cuter workout clothes, smaller sports bras...and feel AMAZING! 
2011 was the year I became comfortable pole dancing in just a sports bra and booty shorts.  I'm sure my stomach doesn't look so hot in every position I hit, but for the most part, I'm not mad at my appearance in that tiny outfit. 
2011 was the year for ME to figure out MYSELF. Now I know what works for ME, and during 2012 I plan to transform myself EVEN more, and more importantly--help other people to UNDERSTAND health, working out, and THEIR OWN BODIES! If I can make a real impact on ONE person, I'll feel incredibly accomplished as a fitness enthusiast and blogger.  ANYBODY can live this lifestyle. I'm in COLLEGE--land of beer guts, late night pizza, and unhealthy study snacks--NONE OF THAT GOT TO ME!! This way of life has become my ABSOLUTE passion. I essentially dropped DANCE because of my addiction to fitness, and I swear to god dance was the biggest passion of my life for about 9 years straight. I still love it, but fitness and nutrition is where I BELONG right now. I love to help, if you ask me a question I will respond IMMEDIATELY with care and attention. I live my life very intensely, and I take my lifestyle VERY seriously, and i never compromise my workouts or food plans, but that's part of my type-A personality and obsession. All I think about is workouts, food plans, learning new pole tricks, and getting leaner. Its a way of life!! Let me help you for 2012!! 
Want to be able to show off your muscles on facebook?!

Some pics to show where I've come from since last January:
Last New Years Eve dress:
since last january... 

December 28th, 2011 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday with TINA

Okay, so Tina and I met up at Equinox at 11 for a CRAZY workout.. There were times where we both wanted to vomit...
We stretched out a little, then hopped on the treadmill:
First we walked .25 miles at a 4.0 pace to warm up the legs
I did my warm up mile in 9 minutes, switching my speed between 6.0 and 7.5 and in between

1st round of exercises in the studio:
--20 kettlebell swings w/35lb kettlebells
walking lunges to other side of studio
--15 kettlebell squats w/30 lb kettlebells
walking lunges back to other side of studio
--20 more kettlebell swings
----10 burpees

HOLY of the hardest circuits i've completed..ever. we did it THREE TIMES.

2nd round: 
--Incline chest press 20lb dbells 12 reps
--decline pushups hands on kbells 10 reps
--high face pull w/rope attachment 35lbs 12 reps
--seated low body row one arm 12 reps per side
50 mountain climbers

2 rounds of THAT...3 rounds of mountain climbers though!

3rd round: on the bosu, one leg
--overhead press 15 lbs 12 reps
--lateral raises 5 lbs 12 reps
--bicep curls 15lbs 12 reps

2 rounds of that, each round followed by 15 squat jumps onto an elevated step.

WE WERE SO SHOT at this point...then came the planned 3 mile run..
Running felt nearly impossible, here's what happened:
--ran 1 mile in 9:10, walked at 4.0, ran some more.. then me and tina mutually decided to walk-sprint-walk for 2 rounds, then we side shuffled-walked-side shuffled-sprinted, then ran, went backwards..and stuck it out until we hit 2 miles....2 HARD MILES..

648 calories later (Tina's calorie burn according to her HR monitor), we were DONE and ready to stretch..
She took some pictures of me in the studio, and we talked. 

my legs are KILLING ME!!! I don't know if I'll work out tomorrow..time will tell!
After my workout i made a big eggwhite with LOTS of spinach and flax, and had some quinoa on the side. I'm relaxing now!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday and Tuesday workouts!

So Monday was SUCH a fun workout day. Me and the FIT GREEN GODDESS, TINA worked out together at Equinox. Since September, I've been reading ALL of her posts about her own workouts and super clean eating and recipes. Tina has been my ABSOLUTE inspiration and support for transforming my own body and sticking with this crazy lifestyle. So few people realize the absolute dedication it takes to live this way, but Tina is absolute PROOF that hard work pays off. 
Anyway, back to our workout! Tina let me plan it out, and this is what we dominated the gym floor with! 

  • Yesterday
    Liz Brody
    • todays workout: (i think i got the last treadmill section right, you can edit it because it was your structure!)

      warm up .25miles walk at 4.0
      1 minute intervals:
      -backwards (5.3mph)
      repeat 3 times
      -after 3rd round, 1min at 8.0, 1 min at 4.0

      Totaled 17 minutes

      1st circuit: cables (3 sets 10 reps)
      -lat pull down (27.5lbs)
      -seated row (35lbs)
      -reverse grip tricep pull down (30lbs)

      2nd circuit: studio (3 sets 10 reps)
      -suitcase squats (holding 25lb kettlebells)
      -upright row (25lb kettlebell)
      -plank walks

      Back on the treadmill:
      1 minute intervals:
      repeat 2 times
      third round:
      -walk at 4.0 til 15 minutes

      3rd circuit: Smith rack (2 sets 12)
      -Stiff legged deadlifts underhand grip w/bicep curl
      -stiff legged deadlifts overhand grip w low row

      4th circuit: (2 sets 12)
      -seated Bicep curl to overhead press (15lb dumbbells)
      -reverse fly's (5lbs)

      5th circuit: (3 sets 10) seated on bench
      -toe touches w/ 8lb medicine ball
      -overhead raise high V legs, sit back, return

      repeat once, walk at 4.0 until hit 1 mile!

      then we stretched, foam rolled, chatted, and left ! 

      Tuesday: Dec 27th

      I ended up at Equinox around 12:15...and ran into Tina in the locker room AGAIN!! We hopped on the STAIR MONSTER for 25 minutes doing intervals of 60 and 90 for a minute each. That cardio was a slow and painful burn. My booty was fired up afterwards!! Having someone next to you is really the only way to NOT jump off the damn thing because its so hard.

      After the stair monster, i did some circuits:

      Cables: 2 sets 15 reps
      Stiff arm lat pull
      Tricep extension
      Reverse grip bicep pull
      Delt pull

      Weights: 2 sets 12 reps
      Lateral raises 5lbs
      Frontal raises 5lbs

      Bench 2 sets 15 reps
      Fly with bicycle legs 7.5lbs
      Toe Touches 15lbs

      Bench: 3 sets 10 reps
      Step onto and over the bench, quick
      Throw-aways arms holding top of bench
      Windmills with shoulder press 25lb kettlebell (8 reps)

      Cables: 2 sets 20 reps
      Stiff legged kickbacks turned in 
      ----turned out 
      lateral hip flexor extensions

      Back extensions/decline obliques: 2 sets 12 reps
      Back extensions w/8lb medicine ball
      oblique crunches

      Stationary bike 100rpm 5 minutes

      Stretch, MAJOR foam roll, done !! 

      I also went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's right after the gym, bought a TON of veggies, including bell peppers in yellow/red/orange, my FAVORITE !! 

      Here was my favorite meal of the day:
      Dinner: 1 red bell pepper, filled with 1/3 cup cooked quinoa, and 1 can tuna with lemon juice, 1/2stick celery, and 2 baby carrots chopped in, sprinkled with golden flax seeds. YUMMY.

      BY THE WAY... there are about 30 calories in a medium bell pepper...Slice one or two up for an awesome on the go snack for the car or something to distract you from SWEETS!!! 

      Tomorrow , Tina has a SICK workout planned out for us! Can't wait. XOXO 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas :-)

Hope Santa was good to everyone ! 
It's so amazing be home , working out at equinox, and cooking in MY kitchen. I told my mom that coming home from the dorm feels like I'm staying in a fucking resort. I LOVE being home with my family, and more or less NO responsibilities. I'm using my break as a time to REALLY dedicate my ALL to my fitness goals. Getting rid of ALL the EXTRA fat I see, and pursuing the best physique I can attain. So far, it's going amazing. All the gross fat food around me motivates me to have even more discipline. And you know what I've noticed? NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE VEGANS OUT THERE. I'm not a "Vegan" per say, but i eat ABSOLUTELY NO DAIRY or ANY DAIRY DERIVATIVES. So when Coffee is served, am i supposed to just drink it black? Yup, at the three christmas dinners/family gatherings i went soy/almond/coconut/no-dairy coffee option. After picking at lettuce leaves, coffee is one of the only things i can have hope for. Especially because dessert is absolutely off-limits unless there's fresh fruit or something, because most pastries are made with BUTTER...ew. So, maybe a small request from a little fitness freak with a horrible allergy to dairy and lactose...just buy a TINY carton of soy milk or no-dairy milk if you're serving coffee to guests :-) 
Anyway...enough about that! I brought the most AMAZING dish to my grandma's house for christmas day dinner, because this girl won't go NEAR a pot roast, uncle ben's wild rice, microwavable creamed spinach, and frozen mac and cheese! At first she was not happy when my mom said I was bringing my own dish, but I made enough for everyone if they wanted, and my mom , my sisters, and me got to eat a great dinner as well! 
-Liz's Christmas dinner feast (Makes enough for 6-8 people as an ENTREE...BIG SALAD)
-6 cans no salt tuna
-Lemon juice from an entire lemon... every last drop
-4 stalks celery
-1/2 fuji apple
-1/3 cup dried cranberries
-2 tbsp flax seeds
-1 tsp light mayonnaise
-handful baby spinach
-3 baby carrots
-1 cup cooked quinoa
-1 head green leaf lettuce
-bag of spinach
-open cans of tuna, put in big mixing bowl
-add 1 tsp light mayo and 1/4 lemon juice (optional 1tbsp olive oil)
-dice the celery, apple, spinach, and carrots, and throw in mixing bowl
-i use a fork to combine all ingredients
-throw in the flax and cranberries, mix it up

Making the SALAD: chop the green leaf lettuce into smaller pieces
-chop spinach leaves a bit
-put all lettuce in a big serving bowl, add tuna salad and 1 cup cooked quinoa
-squeeze all remaining lemon juice and toss leaves and tuna and quinoa together

PS here are my favorite gifts from santa:
-being able to go to Equinox on christmas morning to bust out a GREAT 5 mile run in 42:20 !!
-2 new pairs of lululemon running pants (in my new little size so they don't fall off my butt!)
-a big lululemon travel bag
-super cool Android tablet to use for classes next semester
-a deep tissue massage

Christmas was SO good to me ! Loving every minute of this winter break, busting my ass and cooking up fit food for me and my amazing mommy.

Real blog coming for 2012!!! 
xoxoxoo, Liz


I finally decided to take the facebook fitness and nutrition notes and rants to a real blog so everyone can access my wildness and amazing advice and venting! Share me with your friends! I plan to make 2012 the YEAR for me, including my new blog!!
Much LOVE!