Monday, April 30, 2012

Taking a vacation..

So, I'm sitting in class writing this. I've decided the ONLY way I'm going to be able to finish up the next week and a half of school is to cut out SOME distractions from my life. Since I absolutely LOVE my blog, and would rather spend my time doing this than doing schoolwork, I have to take a small break so that I can focus on the essays I need to write, and portfolios I need to submit. I'm so sorry for everyone who likes to read my blogs, but I promise that when I return to my blogging they will be better than EVER.

What's to come:
--A summer start-up plan, complete with meal plan and workouts
--Video clips of training circuits and specific exercises that I refer to in my blog posts
--MY OPINION on people labeling and sticking to a very specific diet: aka VEGAN, LOW-CARB, VEGETARIAN, PESCETARIAN, etc..
--Some advice about making your workouts EFFECTIVE


Here are some photos for you to look at 

Friday, April 27, 2012

SO TIRED .. so i sprint!

I've been SO sore, and SO tired lately.
Been planning a big family party (happening tomorrow,!) and all i did today was run around on errands.. i only got 30 minutes at the gym! My plan was to do the 30 mins of HIIT and go back later and lift for 45 minutes...but i CRASHED on my bed and didn't make it there.. I don't know HOW i powered through sprints for 30 minutes being that my legs were like cinder blocks..
301 cals in 30 minutes, yes please! HIIT Training,as opposed to steady-state cardio...has completely changed the way i view running, and cardio altogether. By switching from 3.5mph to 10.5 mph, 4.5 to 11mph..etc, I'm pushed WAY harder, and can keep myself focused, but not BORED while doing cardio. Not to mention, its a SICK fat burner. I spend less time doing cardio and run less mileage now than I did a few months ago, and am definitely getting leaner.
PLEASE, try intervals!! If you don't like to run very fast, or you're not into running at all, you can do interval training on the elliptical and the step mill (aka STAIRMONSTER)

my suggestions for HIIT:

--arc trainer/elliptical: keep the incline at 20 (or as high as your incline goes), each minute, alternate the resistance between 5 and 15. push like you've never pushed when you change the resistance for 15. Relax and let your heart rate ease when you lower to 5.

--stair monster: Switch between level 7 and level 10, Every so often, throw in a minute of level 15+, and recover with level 5. Just to keep it spicy.

Interval training maximizes aerobic capacity, and has been proven to keep your metabolic rate HIGHER after you workout..creating an "afterburn" effect, leading you to burn more calories after your workout. YES PLEASE.

I do HIIT 3-4 times a week. Once a week, if that, I incorporate a long run--usually 6 miles, at a manageable pace. Even during those runs, I catch myself sprinting out of boredom. As a semi-recovery for my body, I usually use another day to spend 45-60 minutes on the arc trainer, because its still good cardio, but not as aggressive on my body as running or spending a long time on the stair monster.

As the weather continues to warm up, and the sun is more inviting, you'll want to spend less time in the gym. take advantage of HIIT workouts. Work at your MEANEST, HARDEST intensity for 30-40 minutes. Make sure to include a 3-5 minute warm up and cool-down so you don't shock or overstress your muscles and joints. If you're new to sprint-style workouts, start with 3-4 sprint/recovery rounds, and spend the rest of your cardio time steady-state, or moderate intervals. *ex 3.5mph/7.5mph*

While my body hurts, and sprinting was the LAST thing it wanted to do, my MIND and my MUSIC pushed me through.  And I'm so GLAD I completed the workout! 

Have a GREAT Weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


huh? sorry, it was leg day. couldnt resist the urge to make a booty reference in the title of today's post.

Wanna hear about my leg workout today? Of course you do. That's why you're reading this. Because you want to read about my leg workout, and implement some of my training techniques in order to either improve or switch up your current gym routine.


Correct me if I'm wrong. That's why I read other people's blogs! Always looking for new inspiration and ways to work out so later i can werk it out. If you just really enjoy reading and pretending to hear my voice, that's awesome too. If you like my pictures and just read my blogs in hopes of catching glimpse of a half naked picture...i don't blame you! Okay I'm going nowhere fast now.

First: check this out: Rosa Acosta RETWEETED a pic of my abs on twitter. Gotta love it!! Her tummy is my absolute inspiration...its like a work of art!! 

Anyway...onto today's leg workout.. I stepped away from my beloved SMITH machine, and spent almost my ENTIRE workout at the Squat rack. What a DIFFERENCE it made!! 

Warmup: 5 minutes stair monster level 10

Cable kickbacks 2x15 reps
Cable laterals 2x15 reps

Squat Rack: 

Squats w/45 barbell 2x15 reps to warmup
"Good mornings" 2x15 warming up
Stiff deadlift dynamic stretch 2x15 warming up

This isn't going to be a structured layout like usual, because I was trying a new format today, and just trying to work my legs until i couldn't go anymore.

Here are the exercises I did:
Barbell squats
Barbell plie squats
Sumo squats w/ 25lb plate
squat jumps (LOTS OF THESE..ouch)
switch lunges
side lunges
step ups w/30lb barbell
sideways step ups *inner thighs*
Reverse grip deadlifts
stiff-legged deadlifts
single legged deadlifts w/upright row *hello shoulder activation!*
more squat jumps...i swear i did more than 100 lol

...okay. so here's the deal. i did sets of ALL of those exercises, incorporating things like squat jumps and side lunges and switch lunges and step ups in between my squats and deadlifts. Using the free squat rack, with 0 assistance (unlike the smith machine) i got a WAY different workout. I almost forgot how much HARDER it is to squat CORRECTLY with no help from the smith. This means my weight load was almost the same, but WAY more difficult. I maxed 115 lbs on the squat rack, completing 6 reps with correct form. I felt the weight was too heavy to move up any more plates, unlike the Smith--where I can easily crank out 10 reps with 135lbs.

Then, i moved onto my beloved leg press.
Last week, I promised i would kill it with 4 plates during my next leg workout. I'm not going to lie, I did NOT see how it would be possible after spending 50 minutes on my legs already. but guess what guys? I KILLED IT!! 
Leg press: 
single leg warmup no plates 20 reps each leg
calf raises with no plates 30 reps
toes turned out no plates 2x15 reps

**1 plate each side** 12 reps
**2 plates each side** 12 reps
**4 plates each side**4 reps
WHAT?! 4?! Nope, try again LIZ
**4 plates each side**6 reps
Then , I took off all the plates and burned out my quads, pressing both legs, single leg, toes turned out..etc.

Last segment of workout: 
Hyperextensions 3x15 
Squat on the hyperextension machine *body by liz special. gotta video this for you to understand** 3x10 ... it really hits the booty and quads! 

VOILA!!! There's my leg workout 
I almost couldn't walk afterwards... 



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Stair MONSTER

Today I hit the gym for just cardio. Ended up doing this:
20 mins stair MONSTER level 8-9
run .50miles on treadmill
22 mins on stair MONSTER level 8-9
run .50 miles on treadmill

My legs are sort of in SHOCK at the moment... the stairs are BRUTAL.

I'm really not feeling too well right now, so I'm going to give you some advice: KICK ASS THIS WEEK!! Get in your workouts, plan your meals, eat lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits.
Since the weather is unfortunately taking a less desirable turn for COLD..warm up with some peppermint tea or my fave, HOT coffee with unsweetened almond milk.

here are some of my favorite WARM meals

---1/2c oats with protein powder and chia seeds
---eggwhite omelet with spinach and flax seeds
----heat a banana for 2 mins in the microwave, mix with chocolate protein and water. Like warm chocolate banana souffle! 

-An update: I think my oblique is almost 100% healed, and ready to be put to work again. Making a return to the POLE this week! 

So crazy to think it's almost MAY!!! 
Kick ASS this week!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Exercises YOU need to do

Ever see people doing exercises and think, "Hmm.. wonder if I should do those.."
Ever think, "Ugh, pushups hurt. I dont wanna do those."

Well, if there's an exercise (or multiple exercises) that you're not doing, or bodyparts you are specifically NOT training..chances are, you need to start training them ASAP. If you have a weakness, or certain muscle groups are weaker than others, it's important to try to FIX the imbalance, rather than making it worse by strengthening your strong points even more. 

I've singled out a major muscle group for MEN to stop avoiding, and for WOMEN. Obviously, there are plenty of men and women who DO train all muscle groups, and try to strengthen their entire bodies as much as possible. But then there are also plenty of gym-goers who neglect their "weak spots"

thats only a SPORTS bra..minimal support. HELLO BENCH PRESS!! 
WOMEN (Girls...) : WORK YOUR CHEST. Yes, pushups are tough. Yes, men often hang out around the bench press, but they do not OWN IT , DAMN!! Why should you bench press, chest press, do pushups, and work your pectoralis muscles? Well, its one of the best ways to lift your BOOBS! Not only will incorporating chest exercises allow you to strengthen your entire body even more, and contribute to your quest to lean out, but having developed pectoralis muscles will give your v-necks some SERIOUS sex appeal. Not to mention the pride you'll feel when you can do sets of "boy" pushups at the end of a tough workout. 

How to start: When performing a pushup, you are pushing 66% of your bodyweight. That's pretty heavy. Do NOT sacrifice form just to do 3 sets of 10. Start on your knees if you need to, make sure your core remains engaged, spine neutral, lead with your chest, do a FULL pushup. Chest just above the floor, and push away from the floor, returning to your starting position. 

--Advance it up: Regular pushups, or 3-point (lift one leg)
--Take it to the next level: Feet elevated (on a bench or stool,) Hands on kettlebells, dumbbells, or floor. Gets deeper, really targets those chest muscles (As well as core and most of your upper body)
--Body by Liz style: Feet on swiss ball. HELLO STABILITY CHALLENGE

----THE FANCIEST: Feet on swiss ball, hands on medicine balls. I've seen a few guys do these.

MEN (Dudes...) WORK YOUR LEGS. No, not messy Hang Cleans with too much weight so that you almost tear your rotator cuffs. Not squats so heavy and so fast that you destroy your kneecaps.
Squat, Deadlift, and Lunge. Work your way up with the barbells as you build strength and mass in your legs. Of course every dude wants to have nice arms and solid pecs. But there is NOTHING SEXY about chicken legs. Make sure to incorporate leg training at least 1x a week in your workout routine, if not twice.
--Also utilize plyometric exercises like squat jumps, box jumps, switch lunges, and skaters to build up your legs.
--For cardio's sake, I HIGHLY recommend sprinting (treadmill or track. FAST. Work up to sprints faster than 9.0mph+, perform 10 sprints, lasting from 30-60 seconds. use 60-90 seconds for recovery...walking at 3.5-4.5 pace)  Sprinting will build your quads, hams/glutes/calves, as well as contributing to better aerobic conditioning and fat loss. Aim to complete these sprint-type workouts 2-3x a week. No longer than 20-30mins per session.

Body by liz leg circuit:

**first, warm up using light weight. I use just the 45lb barbell, and no weight on lunges**
Complete 4 sets, 8-10 reps

Barbell Squat (work up to squatting your bodyweight and heavier)
Reverse grip deadlift
Side lunges (not so heavy on the dumbbells here)
30 sec squat jumps or box jumps.



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy Liz at it again

Happy Tuesday!!! If you keep up with my blogs, you should definitely know by now that Tuesdays are the day that I sacrifice my buns and thighs to the fitness deities.

Yeah, aka--Leg day. The day I squat, lunge, deadlift, and leg press in every way imaginable.
So, as opposed to me working out at 3 after being in class from 8-1:45 (yeah, it's one of THOSE schedules. Leg Day just completes the hellish nature of Tuesdays in my world..), today I worked out in the morning, because my morning class was canceled. 

I know. Most kids probably slept. Not Liz. In fact, I was an absolute nut job because listen to how my morning went:

6:30--wake up to eat oats with chia seeds and protein powder, then go back to sleep until 7:45am, and be at the gym before 8:15.

You're wondering. What the hell? Well, here's why I woke up and then went back to bed: I need to have carbs in my system before a hard workout, especially when its strength training. Carbs are the number one source of fuel for muscles when they need energy. I need at least an hour to digest, because I like to feel like my stomach is empty when I workout. That's why I woke up to eat and went back to bed for an extra 45 minutes.

Anyway. It was so worth it. The extra sleep was great.

When I walked into the gym, I almost GAGGED when I saw how many PEOPLE were in the weight room!! I was SO pissed, because the leg press: taken, squat racks: taken, smith machine: taken, benches: taken. Where the HELL was i gonna start?! Then , I came out of the locker room, and I guess people sensed my bitchy attitude, because almost everything was available! LOL. People know not to eff with MY workout plan. 

The workout:

--Leg press:
single leg 2 sets 
calf raises 20 reps
feet together no plates 20 reps warmup
feet wide toes turned out 20 reps warmup
--45lbs each side 12 reps, 5 negative reps (follow with 12 calf raises)
--90lbs each side, 12 reps
--135 lbs each side, 10 reps
--135 lbs each side, 8 reps
----I should have gone for the 4th plate, NEXT week I'm gonna kill it!! 

--Lunges holding 25lb plates
2 sets 10 reverse lunges
2 sets 10 alternating lunges
2 sets 10 static lunges

Smith machine: Squats/lunges/deadlifts

Smith squats
--45 lbs 2 sets 15
--65 lbs 12 reps
--90 lbs 12 reps
**superset with standing military press 45/65lbs**

--45 lbs warmup 2 sets 12
--65lbs 12 reps
--100 lbs 10 reps
**superset with side lunges no weight**

Smith plie squats
--45 lbs 2 sets 15
--65 lbs 2 sets 12
--90 lbs 2 sets 10
**superset with 12 squat jumps**

Smith split squats
--45lbs 2 sets 12
--65 lbs 12 reps
**superset with the following:**
I don't know what this exercise is called, but on all fours, place the sole of your shoe on the bar of the smith machine, heel toward the ceiling, and push the bar with your glute muscles. This is a 3 point position, and requires shoulder and core stability as well. I'll call it the 3 point kickback

3 point kickback
45 lbs 2 sets 10
65 lbs 2 sets 10

Trap Bar Deadlift
*NEW TOY!!* I've been wanting to try out this baby for a while, and WOW is it different! The weight is distributed SO differently, and the bar feels REALLY heavy for some reason. Maybe its because I'm new to it, but it feels WAY heavier than a 45lb standard barbell.

Just the bar 2 sets 10 reps
--25lb plate on each side 10 reps
--25 lb plate on each side 9 reps (the 8th rep was near impossible!)
**superset with hyperextensions**

Cable kickbacks 2 sets 20 reps
Cable lateral kicks 2 sets 20 reps

Glute raise and Hamstring curls with stability ball
3 sets 10 reps

ALL DONE!! Was definitely feeling it in my legs.
My initial plan was to go BACK to the gym after class to do some cardio, but I ended up walking around in the beautiful weather, totaling over 5 miles! My legs feel quite heavy now..

I must say, as I reflect on today's workout, I think it's time to UP my weights a bit. My legs are getting WAY stronger. Next week might get REAL HEAVY! 4 plates on the leg press, 135 lb squats and deadlifts. I'm ready. My body is ready for it Now.

I can't believe I spent over an HOUR doing leg work, and NO cardio! And i didn't hate it! I'm starting to LOVE my leg workouts, not to mention the results. My butt is looking better than ever. Still a bit small for my liking, but these things take time and EFFORT !! 
Til next lift..

Xoxo, Liz

Monday, April 16, 2012

FAQ's and Funzies

I probably should do this more often. But here's a start. 

I get LOTS of questions from people who read my blog, facebook friends, twitter, etc. And for the record, i LOVE that you guys ask me questions, whether it's super personal or just my opinion on something trivial, like apples or alcohol (Uh, apples rock by the way). 

So, I'm going to start compiling the questions I get and writing FAQ's when I have enough.

Q: How do you keep a flat stomach while still drinking alcohol?
A: I DO NOT DRINK. EVER!! Never have been into it, luckily. Since I don't drink, I don't know how it would change my physique, but I've taken enough biochemistry to know that alcohol (beer, in particular, because of the acetyl-aldehyde) DOES contribute to belly fat... And wine is sugar, pretty self-explanatory, we all know how i feel about grapes lately...*big smiles* .. but like grapes, wine is not a recipe for a six-pack. Hard liquor and stuff, well, I don't know too much about it. All I know is that all those dumb articles about staying "skinny" when out with your friends say that vodka and seltzer or vodka and light juice is low calorie and a good option. My advice: if you must, keep it to once a week. Don't blame your excess 20 pounds on a weekly 100 calorie drink. Check your *cough* other dietary staples.
**Fun Fact: I consider my love for MONSTER ZERO energy drink to be kind of like a cocktail love. My mom and I are known to have "cocktail hour" sometimes in the car with our 0 calorie energy drinks :-)**

Q: What time of day is better to work out?
A: Whenever YOU have the most time and the most energy. I understand that these two sometimes do not occur simultaneously. That's why we have HIIT workouts and caffeine, respectively. Lol. But seriously, I used to research workout timing all the time. One day, hearing Dr. Oz say it's best to exercise within 2 hours of waking up, the next day reading its best to do fasted morning cardio, and late night weight training. You know what I've learned? You need to workout when YOU want to. There's no use in dragging your feet on the treadmill at 7am if you could be sprinting your butt off at 8pm! Go to the gym when its CONVENIENT for you, and you'll be more likely to stick to your plan, and feel good during and after your workouts.
**Fun Fact: During the week, I workout after my classes, around 1pm. Weekends I work out in the mornings, about an hour or two after breakfast**

Q: How many calories should I eat per day?
A: I DON'T KNOW!! I cannot tell anybody how many calories they need in a given day. You know why? Well, I'm not you! Here's what I often explain to people who ask me about calories:
1. if you're trying to lose weight, you need to burn more than you consume. Create a calorie deficit through diet, exercise, or both. Meaning, if you currently consume 2000 calories a day, and workout for 20 minutes a day, I would suggest you consume 1800 calories a day, and double your exercise. Compromise. But again, this might get you to lose pounds--not necessarily fat. Losing fat is specific. You need to be very conscious of your macronutrients (carbs/proteins/fats), and be careful to not burn off muscle by repeating hours of cardio, but to combine weight training and cardio to help burn fat. Like I said, I am NOT a professional when it comes to this stuff, it is VERY scientific, and all I can do is tell you what I DO
2. I do NOT count calories for the sake of remaining under a certain value. I might calculate my daily intake to make sure I consume ENOUGH calories, but I am really only concerned with making sure I have a proper balance of protein, carbs, and fat. I am MOSTLY concerned with making sure I eat the BEST and HEALTHIEST food available to me. Little things like choosing to have extra broccoli instead of bread can make a world of difference after a few servings :) 
**Fun fact: If I count up all the calories I eat, sometimes they add up to around 2000 calories! But guess what...If you burn 600 calories during your workout...consider that 1400**
**Fun fact: I eat anywhere from 400-600 calories in VEGETABLES per day! I'm all about volume**

Q: How much do you weigh
A: THIS IS THE QUESTION I HATE (sorry for those of you that have asked me this.) Not only is this a personal question, but if you read my blog, you know that I don't focus on WEIGHT--rather, appearance. For those of you who just want to know because we're the same height and you also wear a size 2-4, and wonder why our bodies look so different, the answer is between 120 and 130 pounds. That is the ballpark I will give you. There is nothing wrong with weighing yourself--in fact, it's a great way to stay on top of your progress. However, some people are more likely to get eaten by the numbers, and become obsessed. You should be concerned with your body composition, not your body weight. In other words, ratio of lean muscle to body fat. By increasing your percentage of lean muscle, you decrease your bodyfat--therefore, more muscles start to show through, your abs will poke through that stubborn fat on your abdomen, and you will get that "lean" look that you ask me about. Skinnyfat is NOT cute! Unless you want to wear skinny jeans and t-shirts at the beach. I'd rather be photographed in a bikini than in my regular clothes. That's worth more than seeing 105 on the scale, in my opinion.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sprints and Shoulders

Woke up to a relaxing 8:05am alarm this sunday, made breakfast and coffee while watching kathy griffin stand-up
--2 eggwhites w/ cinn and stevia
--1/2c rolled oats
--1/2c wheat bran
--1tb chia seeds
--frozen blueberries
ALL STIRRED TOGETHER. eggwhites and all, lol


--mile in 7:50

circuit 1: 3x10 reps

wide grip lat pull down
cable rear delt fly 
cable lat raise
bent arm lat raise

--mile in 7:45

circuit 2: 3x10 reps
seated shoulder press 25lb dbells
standing lat raise
reverse fly 
frontal raise

--15 mins treadmill: tabata style.
*run at 8.0-8.5 for 20 secs, rest 10 secs. repeat for 10 minutes
*minute 10-11 walk 4.0
*minute 11-12 sprint 9.0
*minute 12-15 light jog 6.5

circuit 3: 3 x 12 reps *increase weight each round*
seated cable row
seated cable rear delt pull
seated cable single arm row

Time: 1:06
cals: 510
HR avg 135. HR range 135-176

post-workout smoothie bowl:
--sun warrior protein
--small banana
-1/4c frozen bluebs
-water and tons of ice, blended to thick consistency, ate with a spoon

sat outside and enjoyed the weather for sure!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend :-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tilapia MIRACLE!

Um, white fish, exciting!? YUP. That's right. I haven't had Tilapia in like 6-7 months, but I was in the mood for something easy and lean to throw into this recipe I had in mind:

6oz Tilapia filet 
1 package shiritaki noodles aka miracle noodles aka 0 calorie noodles
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tb organic tomato sauce
1/2 bag spinach
1 red pepper

--spray non-stick cooking spray in a pan, and put the tilapia in, cook on medium heat, cover pan with lid or foil.
--Tilapia is thin, cooks very fast. Watch it, flip it, check the center to make sure it's cooked through
--once fish is cooked, remove it from the pan, and create the rest:
--coat pan with 1tsp coconut oil
--drain 1 package of shiritaki noodles
--cook spinach and noodles in the pan, add 1tb red sauce and stir around until spinach is fully cooked

garnish with chopped red pepper

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sinuses BE GONE!

Yesterday i was wayyy down with nasty sinuses...headache, nasal drip, awful tummy ache..everything. i did LOTS of resting, mainly because my head felt like 100 pounds, and ate a little bit throughout the day to not be too sluggish.

Today, I woke up feeling much better (despite the fact i had a TEST at 8am...)

1/2c wheat bran
1/3c oat bran
1tbsp chia seeds
1/2 scoop protein powder
splash unsweetened coconut milk

9:15 iced coffee---very rewarding after taking a test!! 
my AMAZING mom came all the way down to 14th street to pick me up and bring me home for the weekend! 
when i got home, around 11:
GRAPES...they were just WAITING on the table for me. My favorite thing in the world i swear.

Some time passed, i got tired of picking at the grape bowl.. and was ready for some real food.

1 cup egg whites
1 sliced red pepper
1 mini sliced cucumber
a few slices of avocado
2 bran crackers *unpictured*

Around 3, I got dressed for the gym and uh..ate some more grapes. Told you they're my favorite.
How friggin cool are these new workout pants? 
Thanks to Mom and the Nike kids section of modells! 

I was even MORE excited for my workout because i had cool new pants to workout in. Like my last post, what I wear REALLY can positively impact my workouts ! 

Thursday sweat hour:

Stair monster: 26 minutes. Levels 8-10, some 15 sprints. Killer. 1 minute cooldown at level 5

circuit 1: 3 x 10 reps
close grip bicep barbell curl
skull crushers
lateral raises
body weight squats

circuit 2: 3 x 12 reps
cable double arm rear delt pull
cable chest fly
cable tricep extension w/ t-bar

circuit 3: 4 x 8 reps
alternating bicep curls
bent over one arm row
kbell upright row w/stiff leg deadlift

end workout with plyo's and resistance band pump
--burpees 2 x 10
--skaters 2 x 30 sec
--sidekicks and front kicks 2 x 15
--squat jumps 2 x 15

resistance band:
tricep pull and pulse 2 x 10 reps
delt pull and squat 2 x 10 reps
standing row 2 x 10 reps

Time: 1:08
Cals: 564

5oz eggwhites
1 scoop sunwarrior protein
1 super ripe small banana
blueberry chia jam


Tonight's dinner menu is wild salmon with shiritaki noodles and spinach. yummo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The title of the post speaks for itself. If you don't PUSH your own limits, who will? I know, it's easier said than done, but I challenge you--next time you're in the gym, pick up the HEAVIER weights. Up the incline on your treadmill. Increase the resistance to the HIGHEST level on the elliptical. You cannot expect different results if you continue to do the same things. You've probably heard and seen that time and time again, but I'm telling you ONE MORE TIME! If you push your own limits and succeed, its an AMAZING and redeeming feeling. You can walk out of the gym like, damn i can deadlift my own bodyweight 6 times! And if not..guess what? It doesn't mean anything. Try to curl the 30 pound dumbbell, and the weight doesn't move anywhere? Too heavy? Fine. Try again next time! You will never know if you don't TRY.'s some of the highlights of my day. Tuesday= early mornings, 4.5hrs of class, and LEG DAY at the gym.

6:45 -- yummy breakfast 
1/2c wheat bran
1/3c oat bran
1tb chia seeds
1/2scoop protein powder

then , the best part of my day came: WORKOUT TIME. Before my workout, all i wanted was some freakin grapes. so, I had a cup full of grapes, a ZERO monster, and was amped out of my mind. To make things even better, I had a really cute outfit put together for the gym. I love when I wear cute matching gym stuff, such a nerd I know. And on days when I don't run, I can wear little sports bras with no double-bra (ugh, the struggles of having BOOBS), because I don't care about support when I'm squatting and deadlifting my life away.
Check out how perfectly this goes together!
I like to workout in tight clothes and little tank tops because I like to see the definition and contour of my muscles, it motivates me to keep going and keep on gettin sweaty! Not to mention, tight clothes make it easier to see your form and spinal alignment when you're working out and such.  I like to feel sexy in the gym, not wear baggy clothes that would make me feel like a bum! 

Don't mind my retarded pose..wanted to get the sneaks in the pic !
I had to put a protective wrap on my forearm today for my workout. It starts to get sore every now and then because I lift so many heavy weights, and pole dance, and carry my heavy grocery bags in that arm! LOL.. I had to protect the forearm, especially regarding the 135lb deadlifts I was doing

My leg workout was this:

--Arc trainer warmup 20 minutes. Incline 20, Resistance between 5-15


circuit 1: 3x10reps
Squats 45/45/65/85
Deadlifts 45/45/65/85
Side lunges (10 per side)

circuit 2: 3x10 reps
Wide stance turned out squat 45/45/65/65
Split Squat 45/45/65/65
Deadlifts 65/85/115/135 (6 reps on max)

circuit 3:
Leg press: single leg/both legs/turned out variations (3x10 each variation no rest)
Alternating reverse lunges
Swiss ball hamstring curl
Swiss ball glute bridge

circuit 4: 20 reps x 2 sets
cable lateral sidekick
cable kickback
cable stiff leg extension
cable stiff leg turned out extension

All done! Stretched out my hip flexors and hamstrings, and left.
Time: 1:20
Cals: 456


Monday, April 9, 2012

Day after Easter WORKOUT

Alright, who ate lots of yummy Easter candy yesterday? Might as well use all that sugar you put into your body and sweat it out at the gym. Try out my workout from today. I combined treadmill, stepmonster, chest, and some triceps and upper body strength

--Run a mile to warm up (8:30 for me) or until you hit 10 minutes
--minutes 10-20: run fast or sprint 1 minute, walk 1 minute (9.0/4.0 for crazy sprints today.)
--minutes 20-25: walk up a big ass hill (10% incline, 4.0 speed)
----decrease incline to 0% and walk it off for the last minute

Stair monster: (Stepmill/big revolving stairs of death)
--5 minutes, level 8-10 (high intensity, but not too high. dont hold on!!)


superset 1
assisted dips and wide grip pullups 2 sets 10
(i use 1/4 of my bodyweight for assistance)

superset 2
Bench press and reverse fly  4 sets
*Bench 45/65/75/85* (10reps/10/8/5)
reverse fly 8s/10s * (4 sets 10 reps)

superset 3
narrow grip bench press and fly 4 sets 10 reps
*bench 45/65*
*fly 15/20lbs*

superset 4
stiff arm lat raise and dip station shoulder shrug 2 sets 15

hop back on treadmill:
5 mins: side shuffle (4.0mph for me) 30 secs each side, switch, repeat.

pushups 2 sets 10 reps
handstand pushups (playing around) 2 sets 6 reps

Time : 1:10
Cals: 550

Foam rolled and stretched for 5-10 minutes, and peaced out!

1 cup eggwhites
spinach and yellow pepper
2 slices ezekiel

--snack a little later: snap peas
...more snap peas...

1 can tuna
2 baby beets
1/2 small avocado
spinach and handful raw cabbage


An Easter 6 miler

Happy late Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. He was good to me...
instead of showing you tons of candy and milk chocolate that I couldn't eat even if I WANTED to... here's my favorite Easter treat :-) 
I guess Peter Cottontail knows me better than I thought!
Before the Easter egg hunting and family festivities began, I made some pink oatmeal with bunny poops .. uh.. i mean *1/2c oats 1/2c wheat bran + fresh raspberries +1tb chia seeds* and went to the gym for a nice date with the treadmill.
I wanted to run for a long time, I had SO much energy from my easter breakfast and coffee. So, once I got to the gym, I hopped on the treadmill with the intention of doing 5 miles. Well, when I hit 5 miles, I didn't want to get off, so I did 6!! 

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 51:12
Calories: 534

I only incorporated some sprints after I had hit 3 miles. The run felt REALLY good, and I had no soreness the following day. 

post-run shake: 1 scoop sun warrior protein/ 1 FAT RIPE NANA/water/ice cubes

Throughout the day, I had lots of yummy fruits, an eggwhite with stevia, cinnamon, and wheat bran, and yummy wild salmon with fresh sliced cukes and peppas on top.

Did you workout on Easter?
Did you eat peeps, pastel m+ms, and chocolate bunnies?!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Eats

Besides my not-so amazing food intake... here's some really good healthy meals i DID partake in this weekend:

Friday lunch: 
1 cup eggwhites
4 cups spinach
2 baby beets
handful sugar snap peas
2 TB fresh avocado

Saturday 1st meal:
5oz eggwhites
splash water
splash almond milk
1scoop sunwarrior protein
1 scoop green vibrance
1tb coconut flour
1 packet stevia
1/2c frozen blueberries, 3 strawberries, 2tsp chia seeds


Because of this silly oblique, I've been a cardio BUNNY, fiending for my weight training workouts. Here's my upper body burnout (NO CARDIO WHATSOEVER) from Friday. Straight to the Bench:

"6 Circuit" --I had this idea of using 6 reps for 6 sets , lifting heavy as possible and drop-setting at the end. This was a giant set, meaning lots of exercises back to back with no rests

--kb upright row 16kg *
--standing shoulder press 25lb dbells *
--bent arm lat raise 10lb dbells 
--stiff arm lat raise 10lb dbells 
--kbell deadlift 16kg *
--lateral step ups on bench
--regular steps ups on bench

*Used this weight for the first 4 sets, and dropped by one weight increment for 5+6th sets

round 2: 3 sets 10
stiff legged deadlift 45lb bar w/ bicep curl
military press 45lb bar
single leg deadlift w/row 12kg kbell

round 3: 3 sets 10
Lat pull down
Seated row
Lat pull w/D rings, palms face each other

Round 4: 3 sets 12
Tricep extension w/rope
Delt pull w/ rope
stiff arm lat pull w/rope

Round 5: 2 sets 12
cable reverse fly
cable lat raise
cable stiff leg kickback
cable lateral kickback

Round 6: 2 set 12
Skull crushers 35lb ez-bar
narrow grip chest press 35lb ez-bar
narrow grip bicep curl 35lb ez-bar (6 reps)
wide grip bicep curl 35lb ez-bar (6reps)
single arm bent over row 30lb dbell
**round 6 is where i had the best moment of my workout. I was doing my LAST reps of skullcrushers, and I was listening to "Patiently waiting" by 50 cent and Eminem, and the track says, "And I'll break yo face" JUST as I was lowering the weight toward my forehead. Talk about perfect timing, I squeezed out my last 2 reps because of that line! Didn't wanna break MY face!! LOL
TALK ABOUT 6's!!! 
The craziest thing is, this was one of my BEST, HARDEST workouts ever..and I burned less than 300 calories. Because there was 0 cardio, it was ALL lifting. But the feeling afterwards was better than a 1000calorie workout could have given me. My entire upper body was pumped, swollen, fatigued, and SWEATY. That's all I wanted! My average heart rate was 105bpm *love my polar HR monitor* .. Just over an hour with the dumbbells and I felt like a new woman! Notice how I didn't use a single MACHINE...just cables and dumbells and barbells and kettlebells.. love my iron :) 
That's a 25lb dbell in that photo, in case you were wondering. I'm in the 30's and 35's now.
If you never INCREASE your weights, you'll get stuck. Don't underestimate your STRENGTH. If you keep lifting, you're going to get stronger. Embrace it!! 

**immediately after workout i had 1scoop sun warrior protein mixed with water and a huge ripe banana**
Happy Lifting !

Thursday HIIT blast

On Thursday, I finished class at 12:15 and wanted to be in and out of the gym really quick so I could go HOME for Easter Weekend to be with my family. My goal was 45 minutes in the gym. Check it:

Treadmill HIIT:

Format---Run for 3 minutes (7.0 minimum pace, end run with sprint 9.0+), walk 1 minute @4.0
*If you are not an experienced runner, maintain 5.5 minimum pace, sprint 7.5+ , etc. Modify the speeds I give to your own ability. If you think that sounds SLOW, then UP THE ANTE and show me up!!)
Check out my stats: 
Sick right? Here's the thing: I started using my ability to run as a way to TORCH calories on the treadmill, utilizing sprints and intervals instead of just running "x amount of miles" For me, 4 mile runs are easy. That's a prelude to a workout. Not when I do it THIS WAY. I use my 3 minute running segments to gradually climb from 7.0 to 8.5, and try to beat my sprint speed each round. Towards the beginning, I sprint at 9.0 to warm everything up. By the 3rd round, I start upping the sprints by .5 each time, so by the end I'm pushing 11.5mph, praying for my 4.0 recovery minute. This way is much more challenging, and more FUN for me. i LIKE to bust my ass in the gym. I'm not a fan of comfort and ease. Sprinting is also great for your lower body musculature: it adds nice shape to calves, glutes, and quads. Not to mention, you feel so ACCOMPLISHED after finishing a tough sprint workout! 
After 36 minutes of treadmill work, I did:
Wide stance pushups 2 sets 10
Narrow stance pushups 2 sets 10
Dive bomber pushups 2 sets 10
Tricep dips on ground 2 sets 20

---45 minute workout: 451 calories. BOOM! Felt GREAT, and peaced OUT of the gym, packed my stuff, and got my butt on the train home!


I want to give a HUGE thanks to NuGo Nutrition for not only sending ME 3 sample bars (REVIEW AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST)
, but for sponsoring my 12bar GIVEAWAY!! I got some REALLY awesome responses, and picked a winner with the most genuine reasons for wanting to win. Before I announce... I just wanted to pay homage to some of my favorite responses to "what I look for in an on-the-go snack"

*tastes like swedish fish. alas, my downfall. nothing tastes like those fish, besides the fish.*

*cheaper than the unhealthy snack i really want to buy*

*crunchy but not celery and carrots*

*pre expiration date*

*****something you [body by liz] would recommend***** !!!!!!

Winner of the contest: SYDNEY from Long Island. She is a highschool athlete, and needs some healthier alternatives to the school cafeteria to get proper fuel for breakfasts and before practices. She is also a vegetarian, making a transition toward a vegan diet, so NuGo is a great place to start for great vegan bars! Congratulations, thanks for reading and sharing :-)

NuGo DARK review:
So, NuGo sent me 3 bars from their Dark chocolate VEGAN line: (200 cals per bar)
-Chocolate Chocolate Chip
-Mint Chocolate
-Mocha Chocolate

My favorite was definitely the Mint Chocolate. The bars are ENTIRELY COVERED in REAL dark chocolate--no powdered milk additives or anything--raw amazing and vegan. The Mint chocolate was rich, but palatable. I felt like I was eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. A really good idea would be to stick this bar in the freezer for an hour or so and THEN eat it (*mental note*) The bar was VERY sweet to me, because I am NOT used to sweets. The most sugar I'm used to is a raw banana. It was quite a shocker for my taste buds...not an entirely bad one though (For about 15g sugar total...)

Second favorite was the Chocolate Chocolate Chip. It wasn't super rich, and was entirely covered in dark chocolate like the other two bars. I was expecting a cookie dough taste, which I didn't get at all. It's a pretty basic bar. If you like chocolate you will definitely like it. I would eat it again, but the flavor wasn't as stand-out as the mint chocolate.

Lastly, the mocha chocolate. I absolutely LOVE coffee, but I am NOT a fan of mocha flavored things. Mocha is this strange intermediary between coffee and cocoa flavor, but is too strong and rich for my liking. However, I will say that the NuGo bar was good enough that I was able to almost finish the whole thing. I've had other "mocha" flavored protein bars, and thrown them in the garbage after one BITE, even if I was starving! The Nugo bar was good enough, and chocolate enough that I liked the taste, but it was too rich and mocha-ish for me to eat the whole bar. 

By the way, Nugo bars are HUGE !! Way bigger than balance bars, zone bars...theyre about the size of a Luna bar entirely covered in a coat of dark chocolate. But the center is made of these really yummy protein crisps, instead of some icky protein blend paste that's supposed to look like cookie dough or carrot cake or key lime pie. They are SO satisfying. Half way through the bar, you start to feel full. If you have the control, 1/2 of this with a hot cup of tea would be the perfect night time dessert. One last huge THANK YOU to NuGo nutrition, and CONGRATS to giveaway winner SYDNEY !! Hope you enjoy your bars, and would love you to write feedback for me to post up once you try out your bars :) 

Hope to have more giveaways in the future!! Much love, Liz

Lost my mojo for a minute..

Alright, this is it. Back to the blog. REALLY. Every day posting resumes NOW!!! Lots to catch you all up on. I hate when my favorite bloggers go a few DAYS without a blog post, so I feel terrible about my blog neglect. I have been feeling so Blah lately, mainly because of the injury in my left oblique. I HATE not being able to push 110% when I WANT to, because even the workouts i HAVE been doing have been aggravating the muscles, so that its sore all time. Even though I've been avoiding "core" workouts, I did go to pole class, and lifting weights requires a lot of core stabilization, so its not like my oblique has really gotten time to sleep. I guess its like being allowed to take naps, but never a full night rest. Today (Saturday) is my day off the gym, so my oblique can really sleep all day. And as much as I hate to admit this, my diet has NOT been up to par. I'm a way happier girl when I eat super clean and regimented. Lately...I've been having some great, typical, nutritious meals..but not stopping there (you know what I mean..) Diet and exercise REALLY go hand in hand, so when one hand is partly closed, its hard to hold hands with the other. In this case, since my oblique injury is compromising my workouts, I'm frustrated and less focused, therefore happen to be making too many relaxed choices with food. My breakfast and early meals tend to be perfect and on-plan...but as the day goes on, snacks happen,too many carbs name it. I'm human too people! I might not eat white bread or table sugar, but I do eat less than perfect sometimes. On a VERY rare occasion. This is a slump for me. It's lasted less than 2 weeks and I feel like its lasted months. I NEED to fall back in love with my vegetables, and try to lean out my belly because I haven't been able to get that "rock hard" feeling after a tough ab workout that keeps me feeling tight. I'm going to need YOU guys to help me get my feet back on the ground so I can keep making progress and updating you! This is the picture I took recently that i AM happy with: 
why do i like this picture? Because it represents the best feeling in the world that I get when I'm lifting super heavy, my muscles are fatiguing, and all of my veins start to pop out. It makes me want to push EVEN harder until I'm afraid theyre going to POP! Hey, whatever it takes to push through a workout right? This was taken at night, a few hours after a good lift. Muscles still needed more oxygen to GROW (at least that's what I like to think...)

Here's a photo I'm proud of, and striving to SURPASS once this injury is healed: 

Due to the lighting, you can't even see how leaned out I was, but my stomach felt nice and empty and flat. I had been eating really clean, and cut out sugar and salt for only 3-4 days before this, and didn't eat much the day I took this picture. Was still drinking lots of water, had coffee that morning. In different lighting, here's what my stomach looked like: A bit different huh? It's GRIND TIME!!! Who's with me?!