Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Never say no to...

Breaking news:
This is what happens whenever I try to sit down and study my NASM personal trainer textbook. Help.

Moving on. Today's plan was strictly cardio. When I got on the treadmill, legs still sore from yesterday, my shoulders started tingling. Begging to be exhausted. So, I thought why not? I NEVER neglect a body part if they're feeling ready for a workout!! 

I just mixed shoulders and cardio intervals together for a SICK workout. Just over an hour long.

10 mins on treadmill: alternate 0% incline, 7.0 pace / 6% incline, 6.0 pace each minute

Shoulder superset: 4 sets
cable front raises w/rope 12 reps
shoulder press to windmill w/15lb kettlebell 12 reps

10 mins on stair master: level 6/8/10 alternate

Shoulder superset 2: 3 sets
seated dbell shoulder press 30lbs 8 reps
seated lateral raise 5lbs 15 reps

Shoulder circuit 3: 3 sets
Upright row 30lb bar 12 reps
Military press 30lb bar 12 reps
1 min plank

15 mins on stair master: level 7/max speed running alternate for 10 mins. Level 6-8 cooldown 5 mins

Since I do my major shoulder workouts on Wednesday, today was lighter volume and weight, but definitely felt it and worked my hardest. My muscles respond VERY well to my workouts, and my body puts on WEIGHT very easily, so thank god I train so hard and feed myself accordingly so that I build muscle and not a spare tire..

While I NEVER say no to a random set of flies or pushups or sprints if I'm in the mood and they're not part of my "plan," here are some other things I never say NO to:

--steamed vegetables 
--window shopping at lululemon
--adding flax seeds to pretty much any food
--a trip to starbucks
--monster zero
--oat bran in the morning (need to work on this..)
--ice cold water (or room temp. really not that picky. just thirsty)
--a side of fresh avocado with dinner veggies (look at how TINY this was! half of it fit INSIDE my tablespoon measure)
--a good workout
--rest day
--relaxing by myself watching either: House of Payne, Fresh prince, Law and order SVU, or How High
--Taking obligatory ab pics with my phone. You all know that though. Pics with my cellphone in general. A must.

What don't YOU ever say no to!?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My workout schedule thus far:

I just feel like writing this, so feel free to read an EXTRA post! 
I'm soooo sore right now, from head to toe, so I wanted to share what my workout schedule has been since my off day on Saturday.

Sunday: HEAVY HEAVY shoulder workout
Monday: Really intense non-stop metabolic workout using treadmill running and back workout.
I alternated from 3 mins running at 7.0+ , to doing a non-stop circuit focusing mainly on back, with some light bicep work. Did 3 sets of 12-15 reps on each exercise using moderate weights. Finished the workout with a 7:26 mile, personal record.
Tuesday: SICK leg workout. Non-stop circuits, focus on hams and glutes. 4 variations of deadlifts, 3 versions of squats, 3 versions of lunges. plyos and ab work supersetted throughout circuits. My legs are SO SO sore right now. If I wasn't in super train mode , I'd take tomorrow off. But no. 
Wednesday (plan): cardio using stair master and treadmill. Running usually ends up alleviating some of my leg soreness.
Thursday (plan): chest, triceps, work on pull-ups, CARDIO using treadmill
Friday: Morning cardio, evening pole dancing
Saturday: OFF 

Sunday: back to shoulders!! Notice that's 4 cardio sessions for the week. What's important to NOTE about that is that my cardio is always ALL-OUT. Heart-rate blasting HIIT, incline running, sprints, ass-busting stair master workouts. I really should get 5 sessions in the week though. I'll weave it in soon.

You really like eating that?

Changing my eating habits has had SO many positive impacts on me. Of course eating lots of vegetables and whole foods will positively affect your physical appearance, but one of the best parts of ditching dairy and lots of "whole wheat" or "whole grain" cereals and granolas and bars is the relief on my digestive system.  For example--Dairy.

I always knew that I had a lactose issue. However, what i failed to realize is that dairy of all types bothered my stomach. Whey, casein, lactose, "calcium caseinate--seriously, who the heck would know that was a code word for milk---all tore apart my stomach. Not to be graphic, but eating things that included dairy (frequently greek yogurt and protein bars or muscle milks) REALLY bothered my stomach...for HOURS after eating them. I just was so accustomed to the bloated feeling that I dealt with it. Once I cut out greek yogurt, I immediately noticed a good change in both the look and feeling of my abdomen. Slowly, I began consuming less and less dairy--cutting down the muscle milk, protein bars, no more skim in the iced coffee. Without even TRYING, nearly all of the bloat was GONE and I lost like 10 pounds! A major PLUS of cutting out dairy was that I began substituting processed protein bars and shakes with REAL foods and more fruits and vegetables and grilled chicken. 

Since cutting dairy, I slowly cut out pretty much every single processed treat or "health" food from my typical diet. No more 100 calorie packs or processed low carb wraps. Lately, I've really tightened up my diet and get 60-70% of my carbohydrates from vegetables, limiting grains to once a day...just oats for breakfast. All other carbs come from broccoli and green beans, with occasional bell peppers and fresh spinach in my omelets. 

People wonder, do I enjoy sitting down to a bowl of broccoli the size of my head? The true answer. YES. To be able to eat SO much and NOT suffer from tummy problems or bloat is worth it. Being able to eat foods that FILL me and don't upset my stomach is rewarding. If I didn't LIKE eggwhites I sure wouldn't eat them 3 times a day. I RARELY crave unhealthy food. Almost never really. When I have cravings or treat myself to things "off diet" its usually: peanut butter, extra oat bran, berries, bananas, cacao nibs, dried cranberries, sweet potatoes, ezekiel bread. Yeah...those aren't exactly unhealthy. In fact, some VERY fit people eat those things every SINGLE day. I just prefer to fill up on green vegetables because i have a gigantic appetite. 100 calories of broccoli holds me over much better than 100 calories of banana, or a measly tablespoon of peanut butter.

So yes. I DO love my meals. Like this is a typical "lunch/afternoon" meal for me:
About 300 calories. 5cups (1lb) broccoli, 5 eggwhites, spinach, dressed with all natural salsa. See how MUCH FOOD THAT IS?!?! That's the kind of meal I LIKE and enjoy, while still being able to feel GOOD about it!! See that picture? That bowl is as big as i am!

Another favorite of mine: 1 scoop of protein powder mixed with cocoa powder, water, and chia seeds. I love the taste, and YES I would rather eat that than a bowl of ice cream. I DO enjoy my weird little protein puddings and pancakes and snacks.  

It all goes back to the central ideas I've been blogging about lately--commitment and finding what works for you. You need to find a balance between loving every moment of your life and reaching your goals. Because frankly, you might not salivate over every egg white, chicken breast, or side of broccoli. But the six pack and improved gym performance won't come without some sacrifice. 

So next time you see me, please don't ask if I "like" eating whatever I'm eating. The answer is YES. And if I don't, I'm stil happy about my choice to eat it. And unlike some wildly intense figures in the fitness industry (or at least the ones who portray themselves to be such a way,) I do NOT deprive myself. I never find myself eating eggwhites and broccoli but really dreaming of eating chinese food or a bagel. I give myself a day each week to eat what my body feels--and eat carbs from grains and fruits to give my digestive system a break from all the veggie roughage. 

That is what works for ME. 

Can't wait for my grilled chicken breast and green beans with salsa and fresh avocado for dinner!! SERIOUSLY. its a new favorite.

Monday, June 25, 2012

In loving memory of MJ

So today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. A few posts back, I dedicated a blog to Tupac on the date that would have marked his 41st birthday. Today, I dedicate this post to the one and only Michael Jackson. 3 years ago, I was in a dance class when MJ died. I didn't hear the news right away, until my mom called me about an hour after it happened. I was driving out of the city on the West side highway with a friend who had just come from Equinox, and we declared our ride home listening to MJ on the radio "The first official tribute." MJ was brilliant, but that goes without saying. The importance of dedicating this blog to him is because he continued to do what he LOVED to do, and continued to live for himself and his fans despite what critics and tabloids said about his personal life. MJ truly felt that his purpose on this earth was to make the world a better place , and he made sure to spread love and creativity with every song, video, or public appearance.

I always think about what my purpose is on this earth. In this crazy world. I want to help people learn and become aware of what is healthy, what is strong, and how they can get there. I want to make couch potatoes FORMER couch potatoes. I want to help people to understand WHY they shouldn't eat slim fast bars and pepperidge farm whole wheat bread (as both of these are filled with artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and aren't nearly as "healthy" as the average american perceives them to be.) I want to enable unfit people to develop a LOVE for exercise--be it power yoga, triathlon training, sprinting, lifting, or best of all--everything.  So while the majority of my posts might sound crazy and intense and aimed at the already advanced athlete, the advice and mindset comes from a good place. 

My purpose is not only to motivate myself to become the best version of myself as an athlete and person, but to help others reach the same goal. I share my workouts and meals with the internet with the intent of sparking some form of inspiration that could make the smallest OR largest change in somebody's life.  You couldn't imagine the warmth I feel when someone tells me they read my blog. Or when someone says they tried my protein pancakes. Or when someone says I inspired them to eat a new vegetable. Things like that fulfill me. They make my PURPOSE here complete and clear to me. Not everyone can share the same purpose on earth, because then the world would fall apart. I am not here to make world peace, or end world hunger. Leave that to Oprah and the liberals.

So this morning, when the sky was grey and drab, and I wanted NOTHING to do with the gym...I remembered what my PURPOSE is. And going to the gym and killing it...well, that's part of my purpose here after all. That's what I LOVE to do, and love sharing it here with you readers. As awful and sort of depressed I was feeling this morning, I didn't lay on the couch all day. I didn't avoid the gym. I got my monster, revved my energy, and killed a workout. Even finished my workout with my fastest mile ever--7:26. 

Think about your individual purpose. What do you live for, what would you die for? Many of you likely share my outlook, and have similar goals. But I know there are some of you reading this that DONT want to impact lives in the same exact way that I do. Some of you have bigger dreams, some just different. Whatever it is, take the right actions to best fulfill your purpose every single day. Be the best you can be.

Don't stop til you get enough! !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let the monster decide..

Happy Fitness Friday! Did you work out today? Do you usually work out on weekends, or take days off? I have some of my best workouts over the weekends, as I ALWAYS workout on saturday OR sunday, depending which day is rest. The gym is less crowded, and it feels great to get your sweat on when others are being lazy or hungover.

This morning, I thought my glutes were sore. You guys know that doesn't mean I slow down! NO WAY!! I had to run today! While I've REALLY changed my approach to cardio, I need to do a LOT of cardio in a relative sense to avoid gaining weight. WHY? Well, I'm a GIRL, and since I've completely transformed my body, I know how fatty its capable of getting. And i NEVER want to step back into that world. And THAT is why I eat the way I do, and train the way I do, and do CARDIO 4-5 days a week at FULL intensity. If I want to reaaallly lean out, I do 6 days a week.

Anyway. Today, I was set to run. My glutes were sore, and I didn't know how they'd feel while I was running, but I didn't CARE. I'm determined. With my double sports bra, running shorts and sneaks, carbs from the morning, I grabbed my MONSTER pre-workout drink, and drove to the gym. When I hopped on the treadmill, I was feeling SO energized. My 2 cardio sessions yesterday did NOT hold me back from running easily. 

I talk to myself during my runs, and listen to kickass music. It's the only way for me to stay at a relatively constant pace for a long time. I stayed around a 8:50 pace, switching the treadmill from 6.0-8.0. No sprinting. Of course I got bored a few times. That's when I up the speed! 

Threw this in: 
1min 6.0mph/6% incline
1 min 7.0mph/7% incline
1 min 8.0mph/8% incline

Those were a miserable (amazing) 3 minutes. That's what I do to myself when I get BORED, do NOT slow down. I ended up doing 5 miles in under 45 minutes. No walking whatsoever (except the 2mins i walked to warmup).
I walked until I hit 50 minutes to cool down.
Pretty solid run, considering I do NOT remember my last 5 mile run! I'm all about sprinting now!! 

See, this is the kind of determination that I'm always talking about! A few months ago, I would've considered my "sore glutes" along with the rest of my entire body as a reason to not workout, take an unplanned rest day, or "take it easy" on the elliptical.


Tonight I have pole dancing, and then tomorrow my entire body gets to REST!!! I WILL stretch and do lots of foam rolling, I swear.

Here's a little motivation: (Taken this morning)


Thursday, June 21, 2012


I changed up my eating plan about 3 weeks ago, and while it took some adjusting to...i'm pretty much on auto pilot at this point, and really in the swing of it. Not giving myself so much wiggle room as I did when transitioning.

Here's what i ate today:

8am: 1 cup eggwhites w/stevia and 1/2cup oat bran with 1tbsp ground flax and 1tbsp whole flax
11am: MONSTER pre-workout

workout: back/chest/20 killer minutes on the stair monster 

12:45 post-workout: heaping scoop sun warrior protein mixed w/water and 5 rice cakes
3pm 1/3cup eggwhites mixed w 1/2scoop sunwarrior made 3 small pancakes. add 1tsp coconut oil. ate with 8oz broccoli
5:45pm NEW SHAKE !!! 1 scoop sunwarrior protein, 12oz water, 4oz unsweetened almond milk, 1tsp coconut oil, 1tsp coconut flour. Ate with 8oz broccoli
6:30---went back to the gym for a brief and intense cardio session (22 mins) and foam rolled. Wasn't really planned, but my mom asked if i wanted to go to the gym. I had to go to the grocery store *which is like 1 minute from the gym* so i figured i could use an extra cardio session.
*cardio was 12 mins bike (3miles) and 10 mins stair monster* then i foam rolled and went grocery shopping
As I was loading the groceries into the fridge, I ate a serving of snap peas and a square of 100%cacao.
Now it's 8:30 and for dinner I'm having:
4oz chicken breast (YES IM EATING CHICKEN NOW!)
1lb green beans
miracle noodles

See how much i EAT? Some people are seriously afraid of eating so many calories. Well, when you're not just trying to shed weight and see changes on the scale, cutting calories is most likely NOT your answer. In order to preserve muscle, and make strength gains, you need to eat! But eating really clean foods and TONS of vegetables (2-3 pounds a day if you're like me..) will NOT make you FAT. 

See how I consume my real "carbs" before and after my workout... and then the rest of the day all of my carbohydrates come from green vegetables? Pretty tough to get thick eating broccoli and green beans right?

Now, about that 5:45 SHAKE. I was SO SO excited to finally find a way to make my sunwarrior vegan protein taste GOOD. Since I don't eat fruit on a daily basis, blending it into a smoothie is not an option. So here's what I did with my handy dandy vita-mix:
1 scoop sunwarrior
water (4oz or more. Depends how thick you like. I used 1.5cups water)
4oz unsweetened almond milk ( can change this. if i had coconut milk i would've used that!)
1tsp coconut oil
1tsp coconut flour
Made just the way i made it, 154cals. NOT BAD, RIGHT?! It tastes like coconut. Which i love. Mmmm. Good way to get in some healthy fat from the coconut oil too!

See how much i EAT? And the best part is, when your body becomes used to torching so many calories and eating SO much, the minute you start cutting calories, you'll lean out FAST at first. Don't allow your body to be accustomed to eating like 1200 calories a day, it's not enough! unless you are 100 pounds and very sedentary. but then you wouldn't be reading my blog. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling sore?

Me too. But hey, guess what? I'm still killing it. In the past few weeks, I've become insanely determined, more than ever. No matter how sore I might feel, I get my butt to the gym and GO. Usually, moving my limbs DECREASES the soreness. Lately, I've been doing some amazing running and hardcore cardio AFTER leg day. I used to just swear off cardio the day after training legs because they felt too sore. Now, I kill it regardless! I find that once I warm up my legs and get to running or stepping up the stair monster, my leg soreness is in the back of my mind, and doesn't bother me when I'm finished working out. 

When you want something, you need to give MORE than 100%
Taking a rest because your legs are tired? Sure, its "okay." Some would say, "always listen to your body." Fine, go read those blogs! But taking a day off just because your legs are tired is NOT giving 100%. Plan your rest days, and look forward to them. If you are sore, get your butt to the gym. If you seriously cannot run, that is when you listen to your body. When your entire legs are too sore to stride on the elliptical--THATS when you stop. Only AFTER the attempt. Never before. THAT is giving 110%. Completing incline sprints with crying hamstrings. THAT is giving 110% And THAT is what you must do to achieve what you want.

Be realistic. Know the difference between soreness and injury. Treat them accordingly. If you're very sore, foam roll, stretch, do cardio to get blood pumping, maybe take an anti-inflammatory like aleve. If you feel that you are actually INJURED, work on other body parts, and see a physical therapist or doctor.

Pauline Nordin of "Fighter Diet" posts a TON on facebook, and recently she posted something about every muscle group being sore, but still going to do intervals on the stair master. It's the only way. Knowing that there are tons of people out there KILLING it, mercilessly despite a little soreness or carb depletion, should be enough motivation to do the same. It is for me! I STICK to my plan, and usually ADD intensity once I'm into my workout zone.

Are you killing it?
It's never too late to start.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lightening up!

Before i get into this post... look at my amazing new pants from lulu lemon! Talk about workout barbie! I wore them today

As promised, I really REALLY switched gears for my LEG workout today. I have been semi-joking about OPERATION BOOTY for a few months...but it has SERIOUSLY payed the point where now I am trying to DOWNSIZE my lower half to match my top half. My waist measures right around 25.5 inches, whereas my hip measurement is about 36 inches. BIG difference! Yeah, my waist has ALWAYS been tiny due to genetics. At my LARGEST my waist was about 28 inches (hips were almost 41. yikes) So now instead of doing HEAVY HEAVY leg days every week, I'm alternating. So today, I focused on using LIGHT weights (compared to usual) and doing 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps, using circuit style training.

It was NOT EASY though! My legs haven't had any sort of break since saturday either, and yesterday's track workout definitely worked them out as well. Here's what my workout looked like:

warmup: 1 mile on the recumbent bike: 3:54, keep biking til 5 mins

circuit 1: 4 sets 12 reps
single leg deadlift w 10lb kettlebell
12 plie squats, 12 plie squats w/10lb kettlebell
stiff leg deadlift w/ 40lb kettlebell

circuit 2: 3 sets 12 reps
alternating lunge w/10lb kettlebell weave through
alternating reverse lunge 
plie squat w/40lb kettlebell
deadlift w/70lb barbell

circuit 3: 4 sets
stiff leg deadlift on bench w/30lb barbell 12 reps
butt to bench squats 20 reps
single leg glute bridge on bench 12 reps


circuit 4: 3 sets 12-15 reps
barbell squats 45/65/105
reverse hyperextensions using bench **shoutout to for this idea!!**

circuit 5: 2 sets 15 reps
cable kickback
cable inner thigh squeeze

circuit 6: 3 sets 12 reps
stability ball hamstring curl
stability ball glute bridge
3x30 seconds butt plank feet on stability ball

DONE!!!!! I was extra sweaty, and could barely walk.

I recommend you print this out and try it!! modify the weights for your personal ability or goal of course! 

Do you switch things up? Remember, ever want me to write a certain post topic or address something , just ask me! Leave a comment, twitter me, email me, facebook me!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to the TRACK..

Remember how I said I was switching things up this week?! Today I had a last minute change of mind too! I was sore sore sore and didnt feel like doing anything but gentle elliptical and maybe some treadmill jogging. Well, I stepped outside and just HAD to work out at the track . I even dragged my sister along! Last night she taught me field hockey, so today I was going to teach her how to WORK.
With the whole track to ourselves, I knew I was in for a way better and more efficient workout than being on a stupid elliptical. We started with 1 lap jogging around the track, and went from there.  I was so amped! We raced each other up the stadium stairs, did tricep dips and mountain climbers at the bottom of the bleachers, ran around the track, did the stairs up and down and sideways. At 21 minutes, my sister threw in the towel. She was toast. I continued to kick my own ass and did turf sprints, laps, stair sprints, mountain climbers, bear crawls, plank walks.  I ended my workout with 3 sets of 10 burpees. Full. All the way laying on the ground and a jump at the top. Holy crap. Burned almost 500 calories in 52 minutes. Never possible on an elliptical! 

After I train with weights, I usually have protein powder mixed with water with 40g carbs worth of rice cakes. Since this was just plyos and cardio, I had a little sweet potato instead of rice cakes (fit in the palm of my hand) with 1/2lb broccoli and an eggwhite omelet with spinach. 

Like an hour later, i was STARVING again! So, I chopped up a small pepper, and threw it on the stovetop with 3tbsp eggwhites and had 1/2lb broccoli. I was still hungry, but I went upstairs to see if I just had to digest. Nope, stomach was GROWLING for an hour. Before I went to buy new protein powder and stock up on eggwhites and frozen green beans and broccoli, I had 1 rice cake with avocado  on top, and brought it in the car so I wouldn't eat like 5 of them. THAT did the trick! Followed by a decaf iced coffee on my errands, no more hunger.

When you're feeling ravenous and hungry, its for a REASON. Don't ignore the hunger because it will NOT go away, and if it does, it might mean your body has gone into starvation mode...aka fat storage mode. Don't try to curb hunger with empty calories or sugar. Try to satiate it with fibrous vegetables. Also, keep track of your FAT intake. Notice how the avocado did the trick? It's nutrient dense, and contains healthy fats, which I hadn't consumed ANY of today, with the exception of 1tb ground flax this morning...a small dose of omega fats. 

PROTEIN is another macro to really pay attention to when it comes to hunger. if you don't eat enough protein, your muscles and system will be craving the completeness and amino acids from protein-rich food sources, so make sure you're getting enough! 

SURPRISE: I'm going to re-try chicken tonight. I'm kind of grossed out by the thought of eating it again, but currently the ONLY sources of complete protein I get are from sun warrior protein powder and eggwhites, and of course the lovely 11g of plant protein found in 1 pound of broccoli. With my muscle volume and physique goals, i NEED to incorporate more protein into my diet, and its SO awful to have to drink sun warrior 2-3 times a day along with going through nearly 2 cartons of eggwhites. Ick. So with my green beans's looking like organic chicken breast made on the stove top. No sauces, no oil...just the way I used to eat it. NAKED CHICKEN, I call it. I'm making it for my sister too! She asked, I swear. She's eating broccoli tonight too, even though she always makes fun of me when I make it because of that good old broc smell..

Tomorrow is LEG day, and I'm doing NO heavy squats or deadlifts. Capping the squats at 95lbs and deadlifts the same. 12-15 rep range, along with stability ball ham curls and plyos. I'll report back to you guys on that tomorrow.

happy monday!!! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Switchy switchy!

Today I had a Sickening shoulder workout. I am OBSESSED with shoulders. I love them almost as much as a nice set of glutes. Anyway. Today, I switched up my shoulder workout.

I started with PULLUPS.
-Hang a resistance band from the handles of a pullup bar , put your feet in the stirrups, and try to complete narrow AND wide grip pullups. I worked on them for 3 minutes. Negative reps too. I'm getting SO close!
Then, PUSH-PRESS supersetted w bent over dbell raise
--warmed up w/ 60lb barbell 10 reps
--70lb barbell 3x8
dbell raise 12.5s 4x12

My shoulders were TOAST!!! 

SEATED SHOULDER PRESS supersetted w. bent arm lateral raise
25lb dbells 3x8
bent arm laterals 15s 3x12

UPRIGHT ROW supersetted with...stiff legged deadlifts?! HERES ANOTHER SWITCH!! I was CRAVING deadlifts like a pregnant lady craves chocolate. oh well.
40lb barbell row 4x10
SLDL 40barbell 4x12

STANDING SHOULDER PRESS: 22.5lb dbells 3x8
MILITARY PRESS 40lb barbell 3x10

Lateral raises w/10lbs til failure
Standing shoulder press 12.5lbs til failure

i REALLY wanted to be done. but i WASNT!! 

Seated cable high row 3x12reps
Cable face pulls w/rope attach 3x12 reps
Bent over cable fly 3x8reps
Cable crossover 3x10 reps

2x10 pushups
2x10 shoulder shrugs on dip station

BOOM. DONE. FINALLY. my shoulders were popping out like crazy!
For the rest of the week, I'm switching a lot of things up with my workouts: playing with heavy/light weights, high/low reps, compound exercises, some plyos and metabolic workouts, different cardio. Going into a workout with an open mind always guarantees that I end up having a GREAT sweaty workout.

Later today, my sister and I went to the track to play FIELD HOCKEY. I have never ever played before, and my sister wanted to teach me so that she can have someone to hit around with for extra practice. I SUCKED at first, but after a few tries I was driving the ball REALLY well, and blocking her shots.

I had more fun dressing like a high school athlete douche bag really... Secretly , i LOVED that outfit. I wish I could wear those booty shorts and high socks to the gym! I would get the NASTIEST stares..
 Then I had to show off what I REALLY do..

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Before you read this post:

I am dedicating this post to someone I hold very special. Someone who always has, and always will have a place in my heart. Never to be replaced. That is Tupac Shakur. Pac. Ever since I was young, i've just felt this connection to him and his music. Though he passed when I was really young, I always heard him on the radio, and after the first time i heard "Dear Mama" I had to find more. More Tupac. More of his soul. I'm really not a crazy spiritual person, but my connection to this person I never knew personally makes me feel crazy. I call Tupac my spirit twin. Whenever I'm about to get into my heaviest lift, or toughest set during a workout, I turn to him. My heaviest deadlift thus far was driven by his song "Only God can Judge Me." I did dumbbell chest press with 35s the other day for the first time , and did 7 reps with "Keep ya Head up" on my iPod. June 16, 2012 would have been Tupac's birthday. We celebrated his 40th last year, but I know he would have made this year just as special. His brilliance and perseverance are responsible for his ultimate legacy, and he is the greatest rapper ever to have lived, in my opinion. I love you and miss you.

If you're like me, you read tons of different articles, blogs, magazines, etc. Different minds, writers, sources, etc have their own strengths and weaknesses. One capitalizes on what another may lack. THAT is exactly what it is important to read what LOTS of people have to say. But that's where the hard part comes in:


Its hard when one magazine column written by a PhD advocates whole grains and exercising moderately 6-7 days a week, and then the hottest fitness model is saying to eat straight up green veggies   and protein and train like a monster 5 days a week, and then some holistic nutrition freakazoid is boasting about the benefits of standing on one toenail to cure hunger pangs and solve world peace.

Okay, maybe not so much the last , but you get where I'm going with this, ... right?

This is where YOU come into the picture! It's the FUN part. experiment with different techniques, diet staples, combinations of cardio and strength. I'd skip the whole standing on one toenail thing though, it sounds particularly damaging if you've had a pedicure recently.

Take ME, for example. How amazing is greek yogurt for you? What bodybuilder would say you could build muscle quick and well without whey protein post-workout? What health freak DOESNT eat almonds? What kinda figure and bikini girl lives without tilapia and grilled chicken and tuna packets? What raw food enthusiast goes a day or week without drinking their beloved anti-oxidant, fat burning green tea?
WELL....I'm ALLERGIC to dairy and most nuts, I can't BEAR to go near tuna or tilapia after BAD experiences, and I simply out-chickened myself like 8 months ago and got sick.
And look at me! I've done pretty damn well! 

And the reason I've done well, is because I WORK MY ASS OFF damn near every single day. While I can't eat anything dairy related, I down the nastiest vegan protein powders mixed with water and have even grown to LIKE them (or at least not want to gag..). Sometimes I have to eat egg whites 4-5 times a DAY just to get enough protein in my body. Thankfully, i LOVE eggwhites. 

The same advice applies for finding your own exercise groove. Some swear by treadmill sprints and metabolic workouts to stay ripped and lean. Others prefer a mix of olympic lifting and steady state cardio. Some people strictly pump iron. Some do pilates and yoga and look great. Guess what? If you really apply yourself to ANY well-rounded fitness routine that engages and challenges your entire muscular system, and revs your heart rate, you're going to be healthy, strong, and LOOK that way too. Of course there are always exceptions: If you want to be skinny and always wear a size 00, I would advise you to not squat 200 pounds and do tons of heavy leg work. On the contrary, If you want a sexy BIG rounded set of glutes, you might want to quit your 10 mile runs in exchange for sprints, plyos, and heavy leg training. If you want to look like a bodybuilder or physique athlete, you must train like one and eat like one. But most people do not desire such goals for themselves, nor really understand the TRUE work and dedication that goes into building that body.

The point is: If you stick to something, it WILL work. regardless. Changes in diet and workout WILL show changes in your physique, appearance, and mental stability and confidence. YOU control whether those changes are positive or negative. Everything ultimately goes back to the pinnacle of this lifestyle: COMMITMENT. The small changes like keeping protein powder and nuts or rice cakes stashed in your car instead of rolling through the drive-thru while in a rush, switching your pepsi for a bottle of water, grabbing a 30 minute HIIT workout instead of sleeping in, having greek yogurt for dessert instead of ice cream. 


It doesn't matter if you eat a whole avocado at lunch with your mixed greens and lean protein. It matters if you just eat lo-mein and white rice because your co-workers are ordering that. It doesn't matter if you accidentally eat 2 apples instead of 1. Better than stopping at Cosi or McDonalds and ordering processed crap.

Whether you decide to go all-out vegan, raw, paleo, bodybuilder, pescatarian: stick to your whole and natural foods, balance your macronutrients properly, and you will have success.

You must always follow what YOU need to follow. NOT what the hot fitness model does. NOT what Dr.Oz tells you to do. NOT what I say is best to eat. Synthesize all the information you read and soak it up like a SPONGE, but do NOT attempt to apply it all at once! 

Have a great weekend, and here are some quotes from the late great Tupac: 

--I think I'm a natural-born leader. I know how to bow down to authority if it's authority that I respect.

--There's no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand. 

--Before we find world peace. We gotta find peace and end the war on the streets. Tupac

--Can't close my eyes cause all I see is terror. I hate the man in the mirror cause his reflection makes the pain turn realer.

--I think it's time we kill for our women, try to heal our women, be real to our women.

Now here's a story bout a woman with dreams
So picture perfect at thirteen, an ebony queen
Beneath the surface it was more than just a crooked smile
Nobody knew about her secret so it took a while
I could see a tear fall slow down her black cheek
Sheddin quiet tears in the back seat; so when she asked me, 
"What would you do if it was you?"

Couldn't answer such a horrible pain to live through
I tried to trade places in the tragedy
I couldn't picture three crazed ni**az grabbin me
For just a moment I was trapped in the pain, Lord come and take me
Four ni**az violated, they chased and they raped me
Even though it wasn't me, I could feel the grief
Thinkin with your brains blown that would make the pain go
No! You got to find a way to survive
cause they win when your soul dies

[2Pac + H.E.A.T.]
Baby please don't cry, you got to keep your head up
Even when the road is hard, never give up
Baby don't cry, you got to keep your head up
Even when the road is hard, never give up
Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up
Even when the road is hard, never give up {never give up}
Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up {never give up}
Even when the road is hard, never give up
Baby don't cry

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lemme be your motivation..

Hump day. Weee! Happy Wednesday (If you're reading this on a wednesday, of course..)
All my loyal readers probably know that yesterday was LEG DAY...which means lots of deadlifts and squats and lunges and yeah ouch ouch ouch.
Today, my legs were tender as usual, and I usually try to use the elliptical or just jog to get in cardio and get blood pumping through my system to alleviate some stiffness the day after a tough leg workout.
Well, today was different.
I started my workout with triceps,core, and forearms. Made up a new exercise which was near impossible to finish my 3 sets of 10..stay tuned for info on THAT badboy.
After 35 minutes, it was cardio time.
Call me crazy, but I put myself on the stair monster!! 12 minutes on that bitch.
Stair Monster:12 minutes
3 minutes @ level 65
3 minutes @level 75
3 minutes @level 85
1 minute @level 180 --running.
2 minutes @level 100

Then, hopped on the treadmill. Again with the intent of jogging no faster than 7.0 woops
Treadmill: 20 minutes
1 min warmup @4.0
3 minute cycle: 6.0/6.5/7.0, then go down 7.0/6.5/6.0
completed that round 3 times, then ran at 7.5. I hit 1.50 miles, and ran backwards til 15 min. Then, I had a crazy surge of MOTIVATION. Set the incline to 11%, speed to 6.5.
Minutes 15-20:
Incline @ 11%/speed 6.5-7.0, run 20 sec, rest 10 sec. repeat til 20 min.
walk @0 incline 3.0 speed to cool down 1 minute.

Dripping. Yup.

Sometimes motivation just HITS you at the RIGHT moment. And as I'm writing 8 hours legs are almost numb. But no cardio planned for tomorrow, so I'll have a killer workout anyway. I don't get motivation from looking at pictures of ripped fitness models with cheesy sayings plastered across them. I don't get motivation from seeing pictures of celery and cucumbers arranged in a heart. I get motivation from looking at pictures of ME. It reminds me how awesome I am, but also, what I WANT and NEED to accomplish in terms of my physique. I eat like 3 pounds of green beans and broccoli EVERYDAY...i sure as hell dont get turned on by looking at pictures of them. 

I'm FLATTERED if you are motivated by me, pictures of me, or things I write. And uh, that means this blog is working!! I WANT to motivate you.

Don't get me wrong...there are definitely people I look up to, and who motivate me often. But first, it has to come from within.

Hey look there's a secret freebie workout in this post! 
Lucky you :) 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm a REAL, 3D person

I am not one dimensional. I do not live, eat, breathe, sleep fitness and nutrition. I don't think about macronutrients and supersets all day. I do not spend 9 hours in the gym and then go home to prep meals every day.

Sure, I do those things a LOT, but there are MANY other sides to me. This blog is a FITNESS blog. Therefore, that's the side I channel to write these blogs. Truthfully, I would write these blogs even if nobody read them! Because YES i DO love to workout, and writing and reflecting on my journey drives me to keep GOING.

However, if you follow me on twitter, you know that I am not just about fitness and eating like a health freak. When fitness accounts started following me, I was contemplating making a separate twitter for my fitness tweets, and was worried about bombarding my old followers with my workout tweets and diet tips and gym rants. And if I wanted to tweet something, I would almost censor myself if it wasn't fitness related, since I had so many new fitness people following me. But then I smacked myself (not really..figuratively) and remembered...hey Liz, you're a real fucking person! And this Liz, doesn't care AT  ALL whether people like it or not. 

I do what is best for ME. That's all I can do, and I encourage you to do the same. Some people might look at my bikini photos and wonder if I plan on doing Playboy. You know what? I think I look damn good, and have always been very open about sexuality. I wish more women embraced their SEX APPEAL. And uh, sex sells right? So while I might lean towards fitness modeling in the future, you better believe the VIXEN is never leaving! I would LOVE to be on MAXIM or in music videos just as much as I'd love to be on the cover of a fitness magazine one day. DEAL WITH IT.  Just because I go in the gym and throw around heavy weights and get sweaty like a man does NOT mean I don't stay VERY in touch with my feminine side. I think no matter how muscular a lady is, she better preserve her SEXINESS. 

And my opinions on fitness and nutrition? I know, I'm intense. That's what this BLOG IS FOR!!! If I was always adhering perfectly to what I write on this blog, don't you think I'd be ripped already? I am HUMAN also! Sometimes, I'm TOO SORE to workout. Sometimes, I'm still hungry after one of my genius masterminded macro-balanced veggie induced "meals," and I eat WAY TOO MUCH. I will however, stand confidently by the fact that I really don't eat crap, ever. Give me a random cup of oatbran with too many blueberries and coconut milk and flax seeds when I'm feeling down or blah..yup. Send it my way. 2 (or 3) slices of cinnamon raisin ezekiel with PB2 or a bout of frustration with delayed progress. Yeah, welp. it HAPPENS!!! Not too often, but I go through it also! I don't blog about that stuff because that would not HELP you guys who read! You need positive motivation, and so do I!! If I dwelled on my mishaps, it'd be tougher to move on! 

That's not how I roll. I try to NEVER beat myself up. I go to sleep, wake up, and start over. It's a new day. 

Some fun facts about me. Not fitness related.
-I pole dance
-I danced since I was 5
-I am absolutely in love with Trey Songz and his music
-I have dreams about being in rap music videos and being on red carpets
-I'm ALWAYS cold. except when I'm working out
-I don't keep many friends in my life
-I walk away from drama of all sorts
-Tanning is a guilty pleasure of mine. Indoor and outdoor.
-Naked is my favorite outfit
-I despise "crop tops" mainly because I've never seen a nice tummy wearing one
-I'm incredibly self-absorbed and I like it that way. No boyfriends or close best friends could ever come before ME.
-Law and Order SVU is my favorite show. ever. House of Payne comes in 2nd.

Hope you enjoyed this! 
Stay Fit!

Monday, June 11, 2012


This morning started off a bit differently for me... Day 2 of NO OATS! No grains.
Made DELICIOUS coconut flour pancakes.

In a blender: (batter)
6 oz liquid eggwhites
2tbsp unsweetened coconut milk
2tbsp coconut flour
1/2scoop sunwarrior protein

spray non-stick pan and cook on low-med heat. about 2min each side

CHIA JAM w/1tsp sunwarrior stirred in
1/2c frozen blueberries 
1tb chia seeds
splash water

--added more FRESH bluebs to top before my RUN workout

Here's my sick cardio from today:

1st mile: 8:02...
increase speed.
2.5 miles completed in 20:30
3 miles completed in 24:41. 

My new goal with cardio training is to make it short and sweet, but keep my heart rate WAY up during the session to maximize aerobic capacity and improve endurance. and not to mention, TORCH calories during AND after my workout.

After that 25 mins, I completed another 10 minutes of treadmill work consisting of side shuffling, running backwards, and sprinting at 10.0. Finished just over a mile.

THEN, i hopped on the stair monster to kill it once and for all. 10 minutes. Level 7, heart rate hovered at 177. Wowzers I was pumping!! 


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shoulder Video!

Shoulders have become my absolute favorite bodypart, both to train and to be proud of. Check out this hood production of my mom filming me at equinox. Yes, you hear correctly....This would be the 7th set of seated DB shoulder presses. With 30 pound dumbbells. My previous reps had been 7,7,6,6,5,4. then 3 negative reps with 35s.
Ready to move up to the 35s next week!

Check it! The Link is right below. Click "Shoulder Video!"
The song playing is what was in my headphones , motivating me for my dropset! ENJOY!

Shoulder Video!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Double workout friday!

Alright, so I was so so so energized all day....that I worked out TWICE! Totally spontaneous choice to workout for a second time... but here's what I did:
Took pics ... obvi. Its such a habit now. This is a weird pose but I was trying to get that vein on the right side to show for the pic. It pops out every morning!

11am: workout. Running super fast and chest/triceps

Workout menu:
--3 minute treadmill warmup (walk 4.0/jog 6.0)
Run a mile, FAST (7:59)
walk at 4.0 til 9 min

Tricep/chest superset #1 3 sets 8-12reps, then dropset
Bench press (45/65/75/85)
Tricep kickback (12.5)

Run a mile, FASTER (7:34)
walk at 4.0 til 9 min

Tricep/chest superset #2 3 sets 8-12 reps, then dropset
Tricep extension w. t-bar
Cable fly

Run a mile, FASTEST (7:28)
walk at 3.0 til 9 min

Tricep/chest triset final round 3 sets 8-12 reps
dbell pullover
unilateral chest press
mid range unilateral tricep  exercise (its like an ear crusher instead of skull...)

515 cals burned

Then.. the day went on, I did a bunch of fun stuff, watched TV...the usual... and I got SO SO energized. I HAD to workout again.

6pm: 2nd workout. Cardio only
7.6 miles on the stationary bike: 31 mins
2.75 miles on recumbent bike: 12 mins

Lots of foam rolling followed. Felt great! 
Went grocery shopping and tanning. PERFECT DAY!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

36 minutes and some muscle

So I'm in the mood to throw another workout at you.

Wait. TWO workouts.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was cardio.
Today, Thursday, was back and biceps.

Wednesday: The last thing in the world i was in the mood to do was run. but, it was national running day, and i was scheduled to do cardio! who cares my legs were sore from my leg workout the day before?!
I was having major cardio ADD so here's what I did:

1. Stair master. Levels 8-10 for 12 minutes
2. Treadmill. Alternate between walking 4.0 and running 7.0+ til 12 minutes
3. Octane w/arm blaster. pedal forward one min, backward one min. high resistance, 12 minutes.

I was a sweaty mess by the end of that!

Now. Fun part.

TODAY's Workout.
This is the polished and formatted version. Not EXACTLY what I did. close enough
**quick 2-3 minute warmup with 5lb dbells**

Superset 1. Seated bicep curl on incline bench 20lbs / bent over row 25lbs
4 sets, 6-8 reps

Superset 2. Unilateral lat raises 12.5lbs / Bicep curl 50lb barbell
4 sets, 6-8 reps

Set 3. Unilateral Bent over row: 40s/45s/50s
6 sets total. 3-7 rep range *3 reps for 50s*

Set 4. Reverse fly prone on incline bench 10lb dbells
4 sets 10 reps
**work negative rep unilateral bicep curls between sets. 30lb dbells**

Superset 5. Lat pull down/unilateral seated cable row
4 sets. 8-12 rep range

Triset 6. Cable back bicep curl / cable unilateral lat raise / cable unilateral lat pull down
3 sets 8 reps
**FINALE** PULL-UP PRACTICE! Narrow grip and wide grip. Practiced from dead hang, and worked negative reps to get closer to actually doing my pullups!

Now I'll take the liberty to upload a random pic i snapped today because the lighting in the tanning salon was cool:
Aaaand here's another pic I took today. See how one photo can make me look big and muscular, but another one I look like workout barbie?
That's the beauty of creating the physique you want! Small frame, big muscles...that's what i'm going for.