Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yes, Im alive!

So has it been an entire month since I've posted on my blog? Yeah. I've been in the mood to share a lot of thoughts and information about competing, dieting, and training, but have just been using other social media to do so. I don't know if I'll even continue writing this blog because I feel that blogging is sort of obsolete at this moment. Why write a blog when I could post an instagram and tag lots of things so that hundreds of people can see my tip/picture/thought INSTANTLY?
Also, I strive to share USEFUL and NEW information on this blog. At this point, there are so many well educated and dedicated people in the fitness industry publishing material on blogs or websites, that I feel like blogging is merely re-phrasing or translating into different terminology.
Competing takes a massive toll on the mind, and I was just really not able to wrap my head around giving any type of advice that wasn't competition related. To be honest, all I wanted to keep in my mind were semi dysfunctional thoughts to keep me on track with contest prep (ie: all veggies other than asparagus and green beans are evil, peanut butter will indeed kill me, must stay under x amount of calories and do x amount of cardio, etc.) Those are not thoughts that anyone who is NOT competing should ever think about. All vegetables deserve love and attention, peanut butter was indeed created to be eaten, most people should NOT worry about calories, and lifting and metabolic training trumps traditional cardio any day.
Since I am officially done competing for 2012, and don't have a specific date picked for my next show, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have no desire to binge on junk food like I wanted to after my last show (knowing I'd have to resume my competition death diet in a few days), I "snacked" last night and it was so WEIRD!! Fun, but I can see why I used to have such a hard time with my weight. I measured everything I snacked on (I'm still a nut job haha,) and wow, tablespoons of vegan chocolate chips, peanut butter, rice cakes, reduced fat banana chips, low sugar raspberry jam, and organic no salt pretzels add UP!!!! I strategically did snacking after a MAJOR back workout and sprint stepmill intervals AND an entirely clean day and post-workout meal...but wow major calories. I welcomed them :)
So I really am not positive if I will be blogging regularly now. I do get the itch to post, but not always the time or ability to collect my thoughts to do so.
Follow me on twitter @lizbrody and instagram @lizbrody for updates and tips, or just to stalk me like some people secretly like to :) I still have my passion for this fit lifestyle, and will continue busting my ass until I get where I want to be. Hows THAT for motivation ;)

Here's pics from my second show. 

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